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Build Bruno Jess No Limit Pain | 3000+ Critical Damage

Build Bruno Hurt with 3000 Critical Damage | Bruno is a marksman who will be part of the next buff patch. Because in this Season 18 patch, Bruno is hardly used at all.

Also, Bruno’s critical and attack speed will be reduced in this Season 18 Patch. Perhaps that is why Moonton gave Bruno a buff, namely the 80% attack speed bonus, but his critical value was not increased at all.

But don’t worry, you can outsmart critical damage by using Jess No Limit’s most wicked Bruno build. Do you want to know what the build looks like? Let’s check out the review below.

Build Bruno Jess No Limit Hurt

Raptor machete

Raptor machete
Raptor Machete – Cocopins

Raptor Machete is highly recommended if you are using Retribution. This article has advantages and disadvantages.

The benefit of using Raptor Machete is that it adds +30 extra physical damage, + 15% physical pen and + 50% more damage to monsters. And get an additional 25% Exp when you kill jungle monsters, and regenerate 4% and 10% mana HP when you eliminate creeps or jungle monsters.

However, the downside to using this item is that it reduces 40% of Lane Minions Exp for the first 5 minutes of the game. My tip is to buy jungle items when you enter the 2nd minute or 3rd servant.

Fast boots

Fast boots
Fast boots – Cocopins

When Bruno wears this shoe, he gains + 15% attack speed. That way, Bruno will have enough attack speed in the early game.

Endless struggle

Endless struggle
Endless struggle – Cocopins

Endless Battle is a mandatory item that Bruno must own as the advantages of this item are very great.

Among them is the buffing of basic attacks, where Bruno gets +65 additional physical ATK, +25 mana regeneration, +250 HP, + 10% cooldown reduction, + 5% movement SPD, + 10% physical lifesteal.

Not only the passive from Endless Battle is also very profitable for Bruno. Divine Justice’s first passive ability can deal real damage equal to 60% physical ATK 3 seconds after using the skill. This passive ability has a 1.5 second cooldown.

The second Passive Chase Fate can increase movement speed by 10% when the first Passive is active. This is very useful for hunting down or escaping from enemies.

Wind announcer

Wind announcer
windtalker – Cocopins

After getting Endless Battle, the next thing you need to do is buy Windtalker.

Windtalker gives + 40% attack speed, +20 movement speed, + 10% critical chance. Passive from Windtalker is also very beneficial.

Passive Typhoon activates for 3-5 seconds when the first attack comes out. Here Bruno suffers 50% critical damage and increases movement speed by 5%. But on the condition that there are 3 opposing heroes or 3 minions.

Berserk rage

Berserker's rage
Berserker Fury – Cocopins

If you’re looking to increase critical damage, Berserk Fury is the item. Having this item increases Critical’s damage by 40%. In addition, Bruno receives +65 additional physical ATK, +25 critical chance.

Blade of Despair

Blade of Despair
Blade of Despair – Cocopins

If you want to give more Physical Atk, Blade of Despair is the answer. Since BOD is the item with the greatest physical ATK, this item can provide +165 additional physical ATK, + 5% movement speed, and this item also has a very useful passive ability.

Passive desperation, can deal 25% physical damage for 2 seconds, provided the enemy has HP below 50%.

Offlaner special Bruno Build

When playing Bruno as an Offlaner you have to be wondering what build is right for Bruno right?

Now for the build itself, it’s almost the same as Bruno’s build above, but the second item to buy after getting quick boots is a Windtalker

Why should you buy Windtalker instead of Endless Battle first? The reason for this is that the item price is cheaper than when you buy Endless Battle first.

Another benefit of buying Windtalker first is that it can deal 200% extra damage when attacking minions. This will surely make you faster to get gold out of lane.

Which emblem goes with Bruno?

For the emblem itself, you can use the assassin or sniper emblem, if you don’t have both emblems you can use the physical emblem. Please see Bruno’s emblem recommendation below.

Assassin emblem Bruno

Assassin emblem Bruno
Assassin Bruno Emblem – Cocopins

Bruno sniper emblem

Bruno sniper emblem
Sniper Bruno Emblem – Cocopins

Bruno’s physical emblem

Bruno's physical emblem
Bruno Physical Emblem – Cocopins

That is enough explanation about Bruno Jess’ Build No Limit Wehs and the emblems that are suitable for use. If this article is useful, please share it on your social media.

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