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Build Yve Jess No Limit The Sickest

Yve Jess No Limits Build Hurts the Most – Now those of you who want to get to know Yves Build can try a Jess No Limit Build.

Guaranteed with only 2 items, the opponent is killed with a combo. Do you want to know the secret of Jess No Limits Build Yve? Let’s look at this article.

Hero Yve’s statement

Yve is a hero mage with unique abilities, his ultimate ability is very different from most other mage heroes. Especially when he uses his Ultimate Skill he will spend a wide board and when he uses his Ultimate Skill he will not be affected by Crowd Control (except for Franco).

A full explanation of each ability it has can be found below.

Yves Skill Declaration

Passive Skills / Galactic Power

Yves Passive is very beneficial to the user, this Passive will be very useful with its Ultimate Ability, plus adding movement speed will be very helpful when Yve wants to roam, be it to do backups or to do your ganking with your crew .

Please note that the passive is active when you attack the enemy hero unit (heroes only), the passive is not active for minions and jungles. Using Skill 1 or Skill 2 gains a Galactic stack, with each stack increases your movement speed permanently by 2%, with a maximum of 10 stacks can be collected.

The number of stacks you have can be used in your ultimate skill. When you have 10 stacks, it will automatically be added to 15 stacks of the Ultimate Skill, so the total Ultimate Skill you can use is 25 stacks.

But after you run Ultimate Stack Galactic Power it will be reset to 0 and changed from your Ultimate to Stack. Now you can collect stacks again by attacking your enemy hero unit.

Skill 1 / Void Explosion

Skill 1 / Void Explosion

This skill is an area of ​​skill that you can now control yourself for the active skill. When the Galactic Energy of this skill explodes, Yve gives the damaged target 250 (+ 120% total magical power) except the enemy in the area is slowed by 60% for 0.8 seconds.

The cooldown of this skill is also very short, you can spam skills to inflict maximum damage on enemy heroes around you.

Since this skill is an area, you can use this skill to gain a passive stack. If more than 1 enemy hero is attacked, you gain more than 1 passive stack.

Skill 2 / Void Crystal

Skill 2 / Void Crystal

This skill can deal 2 damage with 2 activations. When Yve wields this skill directly on the opposing hero, it deals 140 (+ 24% total magical power) damage and in the second stage, Yve attacks in the direction you specified, dealing progressive damage of 70 (+ 12% total magic power) continuously every 0.3 seconds, and enemies hit by meteor showers are slowed by 30%.

Gathering passives is very easy to use on Void Crystal as this skill attacks continuously for 3 seconds.

Skill 3 / Real World Manipulation

Skill 3 / Real World Manipulation

When this skill is used, Yve will spend a fairly wide board-like area and the visibility of this hero will also be greater. You have 15 times the possibility to attack the enemy hero unit, but if you have additional passive stacks, the passive number is increased by the number of attack possibilities with Ultimate.

You can attack the opponent’s hero unit that is in your attack area by either tapping the box or sliding more than one box, but you need to be careful that tap and shifting skills deal different amounts of damage.

The damage done will be greater if you tab this skill instead of moving it, with tap damage being 550 (+1001 magic damage) while swiping only deals 230 (115 magic damage).

You cannot use any skills or move while this skill is active. The advantage of this is that Yve is immune to air bone or crowd control effects when using this skill, but you are not immune to Franco’s ultimate.

Skill combo Yve Ala Jess No Limit

To perform a combo, you can first repay the enemy’s HP with Skill 1 + Skill 2 from a safe distance after you are sure that the target will definitely die if hit by Ultimate and then immediately remove Skill 3 as your main attack .

But if Team Fight, then only Spam Skill 3 to inflict great damage on enemy hero units near you. This way your team will win the ongoing team fight.

Build Yve Jess No Limit Hurt

As a hero with ranged attacks, the use of Yve’s Build varies greatly, be it for chest or to add an extra slow-down effect when you make Yve a support mid.

Here is the Sickest No Limit Yve Jess Build that you can use.

Recommended emblems and combat spells

Emblem recommended

For the emblem set you need to create, you can see the arrangement below. There are 2 types of emblems that you can use, the first is magician and the second is magic.

Magician emblem

Magician emblem

You can use magic emblems if you don’t already have your magician emblem. See below.

Magic emblem

Magic emblem

Recommended combat spell

Because this hero doesn’t have the blink ability to escape, so The most suitable combat spell is Flicker, and this Purify spell is also suitable for dealing with opponents who have CC Heroes.

So this is a quick look back at Build Yve Ala Jess No Limit, if you are curious you can give it a try. If this article is useful, please leave a message in the comments column and don’t forget to share it with your friends. Thanks very much…

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