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5 simple tips to rank up on Mythic

5 Tips & Easy Ways to Rank Up on Mythic – This time around, find the easiest way to rank up on Mythic Solo.

These tips are perfect for those of you aspiring to a mythical rank. You are also a ranked solo fighter.

So what are the tips, let’s look at the following reviews.

5 quick tips to increase your Mythic rank

1. Have a ping of 30-65 ms

A good 4G internet ping network standard is in the 30-65 ms range. This largely determines your playing comfort.

If you are using WiFi, it is a good idea to enable speed mode in the ml network settings. Because the lag problem can affect anyone.

That way, you won’t experience a so-called skill lag. This will surely make it even more enjoyable for you to play ranked and classical.

2. No solo rank

It is said that only a Solo Rank can mythic ascend! Yes, you can. But you don’t know your team’s capabilities. Especially if you are still at the epic and legendary rank.

My suggestion is to form a team of 5 people. So, how? You can use public chat in the Mobile Legends chat menu.

Well, there you can say “The -1 Invit All Role”. This way you will immediately get new friends from public chats and get to mythic faster.

3. Don’t use non-meta-heroes

It is very important to use a meta-hero at this point. Using a non-meta hero will often kill you and feed you.

Since you get banned a lot, here is a list of heroes that are often used but no meta at all:


  1. Hanabi
  2. Lesley
  3. Layla


  1. Dyyroth
  2. Aldous
  3. Sun
  4. alpha
  5. Terizla
  6. Guinevere


  1. Gord
  2. Lylia
  3. Odette

Among the heroes mentioned above, is there any of your main heroes? When you stop using the hero when you want to level up mythic really fast.

Why? The reason for this is because all of the above heroes are very easy to lock down and also don’t have any skills that can make the escape movement easier.

It is better for you to use a hero with escape skills so that you do not donate gold to an opponent who managed to eliminate you.

4. Use Hero Meta now

After you manage to eliminate your ego, don’t use any of the heroes that are not meta above.

Next, you need to use a hero that can be called a meta for the time being. Please refer to the list below.


  1. Wan wan
  2. Brody
  3. Karrie
  4. Yi Sun-Shin
  5. Popol & Kupa
  6. Bruno


  1. Ling
  2. Hayabusa
  3. saber
  4. Benedetta
  5. Casting
  6. Lancelot
  7. Helkurt


  1. Barats
  2. Yu Zhong
  3. Khaleed
  4. Chou
  5. Hilda
  6. Jaw head
  7. Leomord
  8. Roger
  9. Silvanna
  10. Balmond
  11. ruby


  1. Harith
  2. Cecilion
  3. Change
  4. Pharsa
  5. Valir
  6. Selena
  7. Esmeralda
  8. Kagur
  9. Cyclops
  10. valley
  11. Luo yi
  12. Lunox


  1. Chufra
  2. Akai
  3. Gatotkaca
  4. Uranus
  5. tiger
  6. Atlas
  7. Hylos
  8. Bavaria


  1. Angela
  2. Carmilla

In the list above, is there a hero that is difficult for you to play? In this case, practice the hero.

The above list is a meta-hero for now, there are many options. So don’t use a hero who isn’t on the list above if you want to get mythical quickly.

5. Don’t be toxic to the team

This often happens when our teammates accidentally get buffs or play and feed very poorly.

Even so, don’t occasionally write harsh words that can make you lazy and prefer to accept.

It is better if you tell them nicely and use the word “Do you want to win or not!” so that your teammates trust each other. And you will quickly ascend mythically.


If you follow the tips above, your chances of winning will be higher and you will rise to mythical rank quickly.

So these are my tips to help you advance to mythical rank faster. If this article is very useful, please share it with your friends.

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