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Title: Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game
Link: Deadly hero Mage Odette in Mobile Legends Game

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Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game

Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game

There are already more than 70 heroes in the Mobile Legends game presented with different types, for example Fighter, Tank, Marskman, Mage and Support, each of these hero types has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is the skill of the player itself Most important. Most important in the game MOBA Mobile Legends. In this article the admin will discuss one of the deadliest mage-type heroes with an attack on an enemy and be able to kill quickly without mercy, even specially with multi-target opponents Who is the hero mage?

He is Odette the ballerina from Swan Lake.

In the current Mobile Legends game, it is arguably a little difficult to get Hero Odette permanently compared to other mage heroes, and not all Mobile Legends players generally have it for players who have just played the game as the former has 32,000 BP (Battle Points) or with 559 diamonds now Odette, which we can only have by collecting 120 brown hero fragments to permanently buy heroes in the fragment shop, and by using 20 lucky stone fragments to buy hero Odette in the fortune shop.

Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game

Speaking of skins: there were 7 Odette skins showcased in the Mobile Legends game including Swan Princess as Odette’s standard skin, Black Swan, Christmas Carnival, Odette’s SPECIAL skin which is 749 diamonds, Mermaid Princess is an EPIC Skin by Odette and the last one is Butterfly Goddes, a SPECIAL skin also by Odette.

    Now we are going to talk about Hero Odette who has 1 passive skill and 3 basic attack skills including:

    1.Lakeshore ambience
    Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game

    Lakefront Ambience is Odette’s passive skill that automatically bounces back and forth between the minions and the enemy she is facing after using a basic attack or the next skill in the form of a sound wave or song. So this skill is more effective when the enemy is in a multi-target state.

    2. Bird Authority

    Avian Autorihity is an Odette skill that can perform an attack in the form of a swan that can be aimed at the target by inflicting magical damage and movement on the opponent for 2 seconds. This skill has an 8 second cooldown after use.

    3. Blue Nova

    Blue Nova is an Odette skill that can emit and fire a ball of magical energy at an enemy that inflicts magical power damage to the enemy, and those struck by a hit can cause a bond effect for 1 second. This skill breaks down into 2. This skill breaks down into 2. This skill breaks down into two has an 11 second cooldown after use.

    4. Swan song

    Swan singing is Odette’s main skill. He lifts a stick and sings a song that can release circular energy energy into Odette’s realm. This skill causes a very large damage effect and slows down enemies that are hit in the area, for 2 seconds Skill has a cooldown of 40 seconds at level 3.

    How to Use Odette’s Ability to Be Deadly.
    Odette Hero Mage Deadly in the Mobile Legends game

    • Combining or removing all Odette skills at the same time for the opponent is more effective and deadly. The first is the Blue Nova ability which then immediately removes the bird authority and as the ultimate swan song.
    • If you want to chase or move your opponent, do not use instructions or analogues as the Swan Song skill will be disabled or stopped immediately flicker as a combat spell to move locations to keep the Swan Song skill active while in use.
    • Don’t use the Swan Song skill first, as the skill will stop if you use another Odette skill.
    • This method is very effective for attacking the enemy multiple goalsSince the Lakefront Ambience skill comes out automatically or is active after the Blue Nova skill has been spent, adding a deadly effect to the enemy skill can be activated by hiding in the bushes.
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