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Title: The Latest Contra Return Game Review Indonesia – Get Nostalgic!
link: The Latest Contra Return Game Review Indonesia – Get Nostalgic!

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The Latest Contra Return Game Review Indonesia – Get Nostalgic!

Against return evaluation

All right, this time PNPMind will review the Contra Return game. For those who used Nintendo in their era, they would already know what the game Contra Return is. Yes, Contra Return is made by Konami and Timi Studio, which was officially released by Garena in Indonesia a few days ago. Garena had previously promised to bring an old taste to this one game, and did they really? Here is the answer!!

The purpose of this article is to review this game and see if the results are what you expected, especially for old players. Without further ado, let’s just go over one game at a time !! Before proceeding, don’t forget to download this game from the Play Store first!

1. Have a great story

Against return evaluation

We have to admit that Garena was really a genius when it came to releasing Contra Return in Indonesia. This one game promised from the start that it had a storyline that you can finish. They really did it and the coolest thing is the many actual scenes when we play story mode.

Yes, this story mode starts with Bill Rizer being hired by his partner to carry out an invasion, then Bahamut goes to the enemy base. This dangerous invasion was carried out with caution. But as we already know, Bill Rizer is a badass character and he really does it without counting.

The story will be different for each arc phase and that makes the story worth following in this game. In the second arc phase, the plot will be different and so on. The most extraordinary thing is that sometimes we get help from colleagues to defeat strong opponents in this game.

For the size of a mobile game, it really is very comfortable to follow the plot of Contra Return, especially for old gamers who miss this game.

2. Comprehensive upgrade mechanism

Against return evaluation

Well here is the mechanism that is said to be the mainstay in this game. That’s right, weapon upgrades are the flagship mechanism in Contra Return and the execution itself is absolutely amazing !! When I tried it for the first time I was confused, but within a few hours it was no longer a problem.

To improve weapon damage all we have to do is level up the character until our character’s level later limits weapon upgrades to the next level. Yes, if the level is not enough, we cannot upgrade. Then there is an upgrade method called Enhance which increases the weapon level.

To do this you have to play missions. But don’t worry, the raid function makes everything easy. To do a raid you need both energy and manual play. When you have collected, you can improve too.

Not just limited to weapons, character upgrade mechanisms are also available here. You can strengthen character skills or perform awakening skills. There are several skill options that you can strengthen. This character upgrade really feels very significant, especially in different modes.

High weapon grades and maximum character upgrades make you kings in different phases!

3. PVP feels competitive!

Against return evaluation

One of the most notable new features is PVP. Initially, this PVP became one of the modes that I was pretty dubious about, considering that there was never a PVP mode in Contra. But apparently Garena managed to execute this mode well. Matchmaking choices are quick and the fight feels competitive.

What’s even more stable is that there are several tier options that you can try. Each stage has characteristics and you must master the stage if you want to win. There are also buffs in this mode that can be used to make your character stronger in battle.

Not only killing, in PVP mode there are also battles in which we have to defeat the enemy tower. Here it doesn’t matter the more you kill. Yes, the system is similar to the system of today’s MOBA games and those who are used to it will certainly be familiar with this type of game model.

So far, PVP isn’t a problem at all and you should give it a try. Oh yes, to play PVP you have to be level 12 first.

4. Contra’s typical gameplay mechanics

Against return evaluation

In addition to the elements mentioned above, gameplay is one element that needs to be taken into account as well. Yes, Contra Return really offers a game mechanic typical of the past Contra. When I tried it for the first time, I immediately said that this is my contra. The only difference is that the graphics are more sophisticated.

With Contra’s typical gameplay, those of us who have played before will adapt quickly. But since it was released today, the simple gameplay typical of Contra is of course also very compatible to be played by millennial generations.

Oh yes, besides the smoothed graphics, there is another difference, namely the dramatic cutscenes !! So far, the game mechanics of Contra are well executed.

5. Old bosses are still being defended

Against return evaluation

Aside from the gameplay mechanism, there is one more thing that Contra Return deems appropriate to bring old players back into nostalgia. Yes, the old bosses we faced earlier are still kept. Even Contra Return gives us a picture of the old version before we actually face the boss.

This boss has a slightly new design with naturally smoother graphics. How to defeat him is also still the same brother as before. Of course, with the old bosses still being cared for, it’s like going back to the 90s.

6. Lots of character choices!

Against return evaluation

The selection of characters in this game is quite large and as promised there will be at least 10 characters that we can get and use in this one game. These characters have different classes from B to S. Each character has different passive and active powers.

We can create these skill combinations in PvP or in story mode. We can also customize the character selection to suit the way we play, guys. There are several ways to get a character, but the most common is by completing Story Mode.

Let’s move on to the next page. This time we are going to discuss the cons!

7. Grind out!

Against return evaluation

The only downside to this game is the grinding. In fact, most mobile games require players to grind, but by contrast, it feels more tiresome. The number of items to be upgraded and the scope of the upgrade system sometimes confuse us when collecting items.

Not to mention, sometimes some items are hard to come by so it takes extra hard work. To make up for this shortcoming, some people may be able to buy diamonds to make the upgrade quicker.

Maybe that’s a quick look back at Contra Return. As far as I feel, this game deserves more credit as a free game. Konami and Timi Studio take this game really seriously and it feels like a paid game. With regular updates, the game may offer more surprises in the future.

As for the taste, Contra Return still retains its old taste !! That’s what makes it special.

So the Latest Indonesian Contra Return Game Review Article – Get Ready to Reminisce!

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