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Title: 5 tips for playing Mobile Legend with Hayabusa
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5 tips for playing Mobile Legend with Hayabusa

Hayabusa is a heroic assassin who does great damage with his ultimate ability. But Hayabusa has thin blood that is common with hero role assassins. But don’t worry about using Hayabusa as you fear that it will die quickly during the war with the team.

Hayabusa is a ninja hero from Japan. Which plays an important role for the team. I think Hayabusa is an OP hero because his abilities are complete and do a lot of damage. Using Hayabusa is not easy as you need to be able to control the shadows on Skill 2 by swiping in the direction you are going and leaving 4 shadows front right and left back.

Choosing the best Hayabusa Gear or Build in my personal opinion

Hayabusa’s equipment or build item actually depends on the enemy we are going to fight. When fighting a very pesky mage enemy, we need magical resistance items to reduce the damage caused by the mage.

When we fight a hero who, like Johnson, wears a lot of armor, we have to make an item Malicious roar This will provide psychological penetration to enemies who ignore 50% of their armor. Usually, opponents who use armor are tank and fighter heroes. Products Malicious roar You can put it on number 3 or 4 after making 3 main Hayabusa items.

The first item you need to craft is a level 1 or 2 jungle item, then use Magic Shoes, which can reduce the culdown of Hayabusa’s abilities by 10%. With this Culdown item, Hayabusa can quickly use his ultimate ability against enemies and minions for quick farming.

After these 2 items are made it is time for you to make one Endless strugglewhich adds 65 Psycal Attack, 25 Mana Ragen, 250 HP, 10% Culdown, 5% Movement SPD and grants him 15% Lifesteal.

After 3 items are made, you’re ready to go Malicious roar to penetrate the enemy’s tank. And made Hayabusa even sicker. Or Malefic Roar can follow suit Blade of Heptaseaswhich serves to increase 75 Psycal Attack and +300 HP.

Tips on Using the Right Hayabusa

Hayabusa is very good to use if you are a quick farming business and have a lot of money to quickly make complete items, and Hayabusa will be invincible. Hence, here are tips to keep in mind in order to maximize the use of Hayabusa Hero in mobile legends

1. Farming fast

To maximize agriculture you need to bring along Retaliation spells to make your farming faster, which serves to reduce monster blood instantly. So you have to farm or kill forest monsters or minions often so that when you use Hayabusa from opponent’s hero you can win the level and become a very powerful hero to kill your opponent.

2. Maximize skill usage

You can use Hayabusa’s abilities to hunt down enemies or run with Hayabusa’s second ability, namely Quad shadow What I discussed above, with this skill you can move places quickly, because the Culdown of Skill 2 Hayabusa is also fast. It will also be added to the Culdown object you created.

Using Skill 2 can actually lure your enemies like a dangerous hero for Hayabusa, namely Zilong, Sun and Guison, this hero has an ability that can move quickly to Hayabusa and kill Hayabusa quickly, but if you can use these 2 Hayabusa skills well, you can lure the enemy into the tower so we can kill them faster.

Since the tower does a lot of damage to all heroes hit by a shot from the tower, you can lure the opponent’s hero into your trap.

Fight against Zilong with Hayabusa

When you are fighting Zilong you have to be smart to take advantage of opportunities. First, do a dush forward towards Zilong and leave onions in the tower for a few seconds if you are already in Zilong range, then quickly return to the shadow you left in the tower.

If it manages to eat Zilong, it will be attracted to us. If Zilong is already in the feeding storm, you can retreat towards Zilong if you have a salvage and use a level 2 jungle item to slow Zilong down. Then skill 1 by throwing Suriken towards Zilong. Then Zilong is subjected to 2x slow effects. And finish with the ultimate ability.

Fight against the sun with Hayabusa

If you fight the sun, Hayabusa won’t move, so you need to be smart about using his second ability to make the sun his ultimate first by going to the sun first and leaving a shadow when you are nearby the sun are, pepet sun to spend the ulti.

Then the sun gives off a lot of shadows that can help the sun attack. When the sun has given out its ult, all you have to do is go back to the shadow behind it and wait for the sun uli to finish, then the sun’s ulti is useless. When you feel like the Ulti Sun is over, it’s time to face the sun again. and kill the sun with all your skills.

For Alucad and Guison heroes, the method is the same as for Zilong.

3. Pay attention to the number of enemies when attacking

Hayabusa has an ability that can turn into a shadow and do high damage to the attacked hero, but if the enemy is in groups and there are minions or jungles nearby, the damage Hayabusa does will not be maximized. The damage Hayabusa deals is divided by the number of enemies nearby.

Hence, you need to be careful of your position when using Hayabusa. Hayabusa is very capable of killing opponents with the role of magician, assassin or MM, so with this role you have to search for the whereabouts of opponents and pick up your opponents when you are alone without friends.

If Hayabusa already has 3 items, it is already time to pick up a single opponent. Never attack your opponent while in a group when your friends are not at war. Hayabusa’s effective ability lies only in his ultimate ability to kill the enemy.

Weaknesses and strengths of Hayabusa

For the Hayabusa Strengths and Weaknesses problem, we all know that all heroes have their own weaknesses and strengths, basically the same weaknesses as Assassin-type heroes in general.

Hayabusa’s weaknesses

Hayabusa is weak to anesthesia.

Hayabusa is weak in both physical and magical defenses.

Hayabusa only has a thin HP.

The benefits of Hayabusa

Hayabusa has a pretty big explosion of damage.

Hayabusa is hard to catch relying on the Quad Shadow ability

Has the ultimate ability that hurts when faced with one on one.

Hence, Article 5 Tips for Playing Mobile Legend with Hayabusa

That’s all Article 5 Tips for Playing Mobile Legend with Hayabusa this time, hopefully you can all benefit from it. Well, see you in another article post.

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