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Nathan Mobile Legends has just been released and is getting a broken makeover!

Android31 – Moonton, the developer of the MOBA Mobile Legends game, has just released a new hero on the Advaced server. This hero is slated to be released on July 13, 2021, but is still in the testing phase in Extended server.

Nathan is a hero Hybrid from Sagittarius (MM) and magician, Nathan has a skill that can do black hole (black hole) To attract enemies, Nathan can also make clones of himself to help him fight the enemy.

In the latest update, Moonton reworks this hybrid hero who inflicts significant damage on basic attacks such as projectiles or bullets. But unfortunately, although the damage is quite large, Nathan’s projectile speed is still missing, since there are no bullets, it cannot hit the enemy.

We can see together in the video above that Nathan has a very difficult time hitting the enemy with his basic attack, even though the enemy does not use it Blink skills even Improve movement speed.

This is the worst makeover Moonton has given Nathan Mobile Legends, not only that, many Mobile Legends players regret this makeover.

With that in mind, this is still a test in Extended server, Nathan will most likely get a better makeover in the future before it is released later on July 13, 2021.

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