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[RUMOR] Mobile Legends x Transformers

Android31 – Despite the delay, Mobile Legends is reportedly ready to release Star Wars skins for its players. We discussed this Star Wars skin in a previous post that you can read here.

Although Mobile Legends previously conducted very carefully surveys that resulted in many gamers wanting Mobile Legends to work with Anime Jujutsu Kaisen, but the results were far from expected, it appears that Mobile Legends did not work with Jujutsu Kaisen as recently the MOBA game Onmyoji Arena already worked with Jujutsu Kaisen.

The latest rumor this time is that Mobile Legends will present a Star Wars-themed skin alongside its collaboration with Star Wars, and Mobile Legends will also collaborate with Transformers.

Quote from Instagram account dafrixkunwhere he posted a picture of Johnson and XBorg on his IG account that is said to be part of a collaboration between Mobile Legends and Transformer. This collaboration event presents new skins with the Transformer theme.

We hope Mobile Legends players don’t have much hope with this rumor, as it was previously reported that Mobile Legends released a Star Wars skin last May but ultimately postponed the skin’s release to July 2021.

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