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[BOCORAN] Sensei Tig, the newest free fire animal

Android31 – This time Free fire has 16 pet varieties with various unique looks and abilities that will really help survivors. To DR. Cap which was published on OB28 patch, now Free Fire will soon release the 17th pet, viz “Sensei-Tig”, Pet in the shape of a tiger.

Sensei Tig Free Fire Display

Sensei Tig is a Free Fire pet in the shape of a ninja tiger in athletic clothing and wearing a katana on its back.

Skill Sensei Tig Free Fire

Nimble ninja belongs to Sensei Tig, This skill reduces the duration by 60% (level 3) when you are tagged by the enemy. This will be the strongest counterattack for opponents using characters Moco or Shirou.

Sensei Tig is currently still being tested Extended server July 2021, and if it’s not delayed from the original schedule, Sensei Tig will appear through an update soon OB29 patches in August or September.

Like a pet Free fire others, most likely Sensei Tig will be published for the first time through the Top Up Diamond event. You can easily buy directly through the shop with a quote 600 diamonds, or about Sensei Tig Box with price 40 diamonds.

Let’s start by saving Diamond so you can get it right away later when Sensei Tig is released.

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