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Mobile Legends new skin and hero release schedule for May 2021

Cecepkocep – From time to time, Montoon always releases the skin of each hero as well as the new hero. Of course, they do this so that players can continue to enjoy Mobile Legends games. But the advantage in itself is no less important.

Just like in the months before, there will also be a lot of skins in May that will be released along with their heroes. New skins will be available in Mobile Legends from the beginning of May. What skins and heroes will be released in May? Let’s check out the review below.

1 # Lunox Starlight Skin – Ash Blossom

Lunox Starlight Skin - Ash Blossom

The Starlight Skin in May 2021 went to Lunox with the skin name Ash Blossom. This skin will be available on May 1st on the original server and the expanded server. To get this skin you can buy it with 550 diamonds or 1100 diamonds for Starlight Member Plus. In addition to the Lunox Ash Blossom skin, you also get other benefits.

When I see it, the new Lunox skin is very nice folks. But I prefer the elite skin. She looks prettier than that skin. With the wings behind her, she looks like an angel. To be honest, I prefer this starlight skin to the starlight skins from the previous months.

Lunox is still a terrible mage in season 12. Although rarely banned, it is still dangerous as it can penetrate the enemy’s magical defenses and can even penetrate up to 100%. This way it is useless to use tanks when the enemy is Lunox. So you won’t be for free when you buy the Lunox Starlight Skin, because this is still OP in season 12. Also read:Build items for Lunox Mobile Legends The Painful and Anti Tank 2021

2 # Jawhead Elite Skin – Foo Quarterback

Jawhead Elite Skin - Foo Quarterback

The new skin, which will be available in the Starlight Shop, is initially Alpha (Crimson Warrior). But somehow Montoon changed it to Jawhead’s skin, Foo Quarterback. This new skin will be available in the Startlight Shop from May 7th.

You can get this Foo Quarterback Skin by using 3 Starlight Gems. This way you have to subscribe to Starlight Members for 3 months in order to receive Jawehead’s new skin.

Perhaps after its release, Jawhead will be used again by professional gamers later, be it in the Mytic rank or in Mobile Legends tournaments. Because Jawhead is less popular than new battle heroes like Leomord and Thamuz. Whereas Jawhead has also been terrible in the past, especially the skill combos 3 and 1 to kidnap one of the enemy heroes. Also read:Mobile Legends – New Skins and Heroes release schedule for June 2021

3 # Diggie Special Skin – Constellation

Diggie Special Skin - Concelation

Finally, after a long wait, Diggie got a skin too. He’s the longest hero who can’t get a skin update. You get the Diggi Constellation Special Skin for 749 and receive a 30% discount if you make a purchase in the first week. Oh yes, this skin will be released on May 7th. User buy Diggie car, right?

The new Diggi skin looks like a brilliant magician. He wore a magic hat that made him look like a genius. It’s much better than regular skins, so it’s only natural that the price should be relatively expensive.

In season 12, Diggie is the most effective support given that in the meta, many heroes are now in control of the crowd. With Diggie, he can let go of crowd control for either himself or his friends. In fact, it’s not uncommon for Diggie to be banned from Legend level.

4 # Ruby Epic Skin – Lady Zombie

Ruby Epic Skin - Lady Zombie - Mobile Legends

The epic skin that will be released in May is Ruby, which is Lady Zombie. You can get this skin through the Lucky Box on May 11th, so you will need a lot of diamonds to get it. Because normally we rarely get skins with just one game. But there are a lot of perks that you get too, including Magic Dust and Fragment emblems to enhance your emblems.

Montoon has not released the skill effect or appearance of this epic ruby ​​skin, we only know the icon. Maybe the look will be very good considering the price is also very expensive. Montoon didn’t want to disappoint its users either, so they had to do it as best they could.

Ruby’s potential in season 12 isn’t that good to rival other battle heroes. Since this hero carries it, because the damage is not great, it is better to use it as a semi-trailer. But one of the main advantages of this ruby ​​is its very high HP regeneration ability. Also read:Patch note 1.3.76 Mobile Legends – New skin, new event, new system and Buff Nerf hero

5 # Grock VENOM Skin – monitor lizard

Grock VENOM Skin - Monitor Lizard Mobile Legends

The next VENOM skin launched on the global server is Grock with the name Monitor Lizard Skin. Grock’s new skin will be released on May 14th and will be available for 899 diamonds. If you buy in the first week, you will receive a 30% discount.

Montoon has not released any skill effects or appearances related to this VENOM Grock Skin. But if you look at it from the symbol, it’s like Komodo. But it looks like it will be just as good as the previous VENOM skin, Angela.

Still a terrible tank, Grock is often picked up by most of the gamers, be it at the Legends tier and above in Mobile Legends tournaments like MPL. This Grock is a very tough tank and has very good tank immunity so it is very easy to evade enemy crowd control. For those of you who want to rank up with tanks, I recommend Grock.

6 # New hero Faramis and normal skin

Farami's new hero

After Faramis has been on the pre-server for a long time, it is finally being published on the original server. We can get Faramis through for free Dawn event watcher. So all you have to do is complete the mission of this event and get the hero. We can even get the skin through for free Event 522 Gathering.

Faramis is a very terrible mage as he has a very short respawn time of up to 90%. He has skills that are almost similar to Vexana. He also has a lot of damage, very good crowd control, but is unfortunately very easy to pin down.

7 # Karina and Selena Zodiac Skin – Gemini

Selena and Karina Zodiac Skin - Gemini

Sisters Karina and Selena will receive the twin Zodiac skin and it will be released on the original server on May 21st. You can get this skin through Zodiac Summon, so you will need a lot of diamonds to get it.

Selena is an assassin who is pretty annoying because of her crowd control stun and slow speed skills. And what’s worse, the anesthesia it caused was very long. He also has a very large burst damage. As long as his second skill hits the enemy, he can claw his target to death.

8 # Faramis Normal Skin – Dark Necro

Faramis Normal Skin - Dark Necro

In addition to the hero that we can get for free on May 18th, we can also get the normal skin through Event 525. To get Faramis Dark Necro skin, all we have to do is complete quests to get badges, namely log into games, play with friends, share game results. and charge diamonds.

You can get Faramis skin by trading it in for 6 badges on May 25th. You can also exchange them for random Emblem Fragments. So you have to get into the game often to get the skin permanently.

9 # Harith Elite Skin – Stardust

Harith Elite Skin, Stardust, Mobile Legends

Harith’s newest Elite Skin, Stardust, will soon be released on May 25, 2021 on the original server. This skin is sold with 599 diamonds. If you buy in the first week, you will receive a 30% discount.

Actually, Harith’s new skin isn’t that great in my opinion. If you look closely, this skin resembles normal skin. What happens is just the basic color change, which is purple (like magic dust).

Maybe Harith will get more choices after this new skin is released. While he often escapes suspension in season 12, when used by professionals it gets really dangerous. The damage it does is very great, and it is also very difficult to pick up because it has a sprint ability.

10 # Leomord special skin – Triumph – Adler

Leomord special skin - Triumph - Adler

Leomord will get another skin, this time he gets a special MSC skin called Triumph – Eagle. We don’t use diamonds to get this skin, but rather by collecting around 10 MSC limits. But Montoon hasn’t confirmed in detail how to get this skin.

After receiving the latest skin, Leomord may be chosen again by many players. This hero is very dangerous in my opinion and highly recommended for the push rank. He is a fighter whose almost all skills have a slow effect. In addition, the damage it does is, in addition to its also very long shelf life, also quite painful.

This is the Skins and Heroes release schedule, which was released in May 2021. The schedule can be sped up or slowed down, it all depends on Montoon who is the developer of the Mobile Legends game. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

Image source: Informantmlbb

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