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The best and newest Build Items / Gear Gusion Mobile Legends 2021

Gusion Elite Skin, Haristylish Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – Gusion is an assassin who is still in the meta-game in the Mobile Legends game. Despite being dinerfed by Montoon several times, he still has tremendous damage and is certainly very manoeuvrable, making him difficult to pick up.

However, not all players can master Gusion. Because it has a very high level of difficulty. Even if we already understand the skill combo, I don’t think it’s enough. We also need timing right, especially when using Skill 2 and Skill 1 combos.

In this article, Cecepkocep now gives you recommendations for creating Gusion Mobile Legends items. Even if I don’t really master this hero myself, I understand a little when it comes to build items. How is the build item? Let’s watch the discussion below.

Build the latest Gusion Mobile Legends items

The build items I’ve designed here are more focused on damage that only places a defensive item. Here is my version of the Gusion Mobile Legends Build Item / Gear.

Build the latest Gusion Mobile Legends items

0 # pilgrim ax

Before going to the equipment kit, it is better to buy jungle items first. Here I recommend Pilager Ax items. With this item, Gusion has a bit of defense as it provides a shield after using retribution, whether it’s creeps or heroes. Try to keep farming until you get 10 stacks so this item will perform more effectively. Sell ​​when all items are ready (late game).

1 # Magic shoes

Magic Shoes Mobile Legends

After the jungle, the next thing you need to use shoes. Here I recommend the article Magic Shoes. As well as offering 40 movement speed, this item also offers a 10% cooldown reduction. This way, Gusion Skills will spam more frequently.

You can also use Arcane Boots or Rapid Boots for shoes. Use Arcane Boots when you need magical penetration. Use speedboats when you need even more speed of movement while roaming.

2 # clock of fate

Clock of Destiny Mobile Legends

After shoes, I recommend Clock of Destiny. This item offers tremendous magical power even if you have to wait 5 minutes after the item is ready. In addition, this item also offers a very large mana pool, which is 900 points. This is of course very large and will later be combined with other items.

In addition, Clock of Destiny also offers very large HP, so Gusion will have a little more stamina because it has thick HP. However, you really need to be patient to feel the effects of this article. Because you have to wait up to 10 stacks until the passive is active. It will take you 5 minutes after this item is ready to reach 10 stacks.

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3 # lightning stick

Lightning Tuncheon Mobile Legends

Clock of Destiny and Lightning Trunchoen are two items that cannot currently be separated. Clock of Destiny has a huge supply of mana. While Lightning Truncheon has a passive ability that can exploit the mana.

Passive from Lightning Trunchoen will deal additional damage, the damage done depending on the amount we have. The greater the mana we have, the greater the damage from the passive lightning stick.

From its base state, Lightning Truncheon also provides extra mana, which makes its passive work very effective. Then an additional 10% cooldown reduction is also very useful so that Gusion can spam skills more often.

4 # Divine glaive

Mobile Legends of Divine Glaive

Divine Glaive offers a very small magical power status that is only 65 magical power. But that’s reasonable, because the retail value of this item is also relatively cheap, namely only 1970s gold. But that’s not an item’s selling point. The most useful thing about this item is its passive voice.

Divine Glaive offers a very large magical penetration that can reach 70%. This is of course very useful against tank heroes who have a very large magical defense. By using this item, the damage done by Gusion will still be great, even though they bought Athena’s shield and items of immortality, as well as other magical items of defense.

To get 70% magical penetration we need to have more than 70% HP. When our blood is less than 70%, the magical penetration that works is only 40%.

5 # Witer baton

Wind of Nature gives Gusion immunity because he has an active skill. Heroes using this item become immune from freezing and cannot do anything for 2 seconds. Of course, we need to be able to use this item wisely as the cooldown on this active skill is very long, 100 seconds.

From its basic state, Wind of Nature will make Gusion thicker. It will be a bit stronger against physical heroes like archers as it offers 25 physical defenses. Also, Gusion’s blood is thickening as this item gives 400 HP.

In addition to Wind of Nature, you can also use Immortlity when the game has really entered the late phase of the game and both teams still have a chance to win. Using Immortality gives you the opportunity to escape and get back to base.

6 # necklace of the Durance

Necklace from Durance Mobile Legends

The main function of the Necklace of Stamina item is to reduce the enemy’s HP regeneration, including life stealing. This passive item is a skill that reduces the enemy’s HP regeneration by 50% for 3 seconds. Of course, this passive is very useful against heroes with high HP regeneration such as Minotaur and Uranus. In addition to this, this item will also be very effective against Alucard, Ruby, Thamuz, and Leomord.

To ensure that the Necklace of Stamina passive is active, you can see the “broken love” mark above the target’s HP. To activate it, you have to attack the target with one skill, after which the next skill will reduce the target’s HP regeneration for 3 seconds.

As for the base status, Necklace of Stamina gives 10% Magical Lifesteal, which is of course very useful for surviving laning or team fighting. In addition, Gusion has a passive ability that can give HP regeneration with its passive ability. Then Gusion can also spend combo skills more often by reducing the cooldown time by an additional 10%. You can buy a necklace of the Durance first, then wind of nature or immortality.

This is the build item version of Gusion Mobile Legends Cecepkocep . In this build item I did not include the Calamity Reaper which is the main item for mage assassins. Because in my opinion the damage from Gusion is very big if you use the above build items. Maybe you have your own opinion. Do not cling to the above gear set, you should experiment yourself and adapt it to your particular gameplay. But if you are confused, please use the points above. That’s all and thanks.

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