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Mobile Legends Item Guide - Thunder Belt, Tankers get sick from this item

Guide Thunder Belt Mobile Legends
Guide Thunder Belt Mobile Legends

Items are a must have in any MOBA genre game, including Mobile Legends. Because with items, the heroes that players use can have a maximum status, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in Mobile Legends is Thunder belt. This article is in Defense itemsso Tank heroes use this article often. But right now, many archer and combat heroes are using the thunder belt.

In this article, Mimin will now discuss the Thunder Belt item. What are the advantages of purchasing this item. Let’s take a look at the following discussion.

Base status

Mobile Legends of the Thunder Belt
Mobile Legends of the Thunder Belt

+800 hp: The addition of pretty big HP guys, the addition of this HP is the same as that of the Immortality item.

+30 mana regeneration: Even if it is not that big, this mana regeneration is very important, you know, especially if the hero you are using is using mana to spend every skill.

+ 10% cooldown reduction: The addition of the cooldown reduction is very useful for your spam skills, plus this item also gives mana regeneration so you don’t run out quickly.

+40 physical defense: armor or the physical defense this item offers is not great folks, but this will really help you. Because the selling power of this article is its passive.

Passive: Thunderbolt

Mobile Legends of the Thunder Belt
Mobile Legends of the Thunder Belt

In fact, this thunder belt has two passives. The first is that after attacking a hero with a skill, the next basic attack will deal additional damage equal to 2% of the hero’s total HP than real harm.

So with this item you can do real damage to the enemy Basic attack. The more HP you have, the greater your true damage.

Oh yeah folks, True Damage can’t be held by Armor or Magic Res, huh.

This automatic attack also has an effect slow Nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. This effect can be used every 1.5 seconds. Thus, this article is very suitable for use by tank heroes and fighter.

Which hero fits the thunder belt?

There are some heroes who are really compatible with the Thunder Belt item. But other heroes are actually also suitable and you can adapt them to the circumstances. According to Mimin, heroes are very good at using Thunder Belt items


Hylos Mobile Legends
Hylos Mobile Legends

The first hero to go perfectly with the thunder belt is Hylos. Hylos it has very thick blood because every mana it has is converted into HP. The higher the mana, the thicker the HP of Hylos.

Passive to Thunder Belt causing True Damage to 2% of the user’s total HP. Since Hylos has very thick HP, the real damage he does is even greater. Hence, Hylos is a tanker who is pretty sick.

That’s not all guys, Hylos’s Skill 2 will also have an impact slow. When we combine it with the passive from the thunder belt, this skill is maximized again. Not only does it do great true damage, but it also has a slow effect.


Aldous Mobile Legends
Aldous Mobile Legends

Aldous is the fighter with the most terrible damage, even in the middle of the game the damage can really be felt from him now. Why is Thunder Belt a good match for Aldous? Its first skill is best.

Aldous’ first skill will make the next basic attack even bigger. So when you buy the thunder belt, this becomes a basic attack real harm. Because you used Skill 1 first, then basic attacks.

In addition, Aldous has pretty good HP, because even without an attack object, the damage from him is already very high. Because he really depends on the stack of his first passive ability. I think 1 attack item is enough for Aldous, the others are defense items.

Lesley and Clint

Lesley Cheergunner Mobile Legends
Lesley Cheergunner Mobile Legends

These two heroes are very good at using Thunder Belt items. These two heroes will do a lot of damage with normal attacks after using the skill. When you use this item, they do real damage that enemy armor cannot penetrate. In addition, it can now also be combined with articles Endless struggle both causing True Damage.

Like other heroes Gatotkaca and Karrie also suitable for the use of Thunder Belt articles. Mimini only gave a few examples, yes.

That is the discussion about the Thunder Belt item this time. Hopefully useful and good luck.