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Mobile Legends Item Guide - Dominance Ice, items to use against snipers


Items are a must have in any MOBA genre game, including Mobile Legends. Because with the item, the heroes used by the player can have a maximum status, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in Mobile Legends is Dominance Ice. This item is typically used by tank heroes as it has the function of maximizing the defense of the hero who is using it.

On this occasion, Mimin would like to talk about the subject of domination ice. What are the basic stats this item grants and what are the liabilities? Let’s just take a look at the review below.

Base status

Dominance Ice Mobile Legends
Dominance Ice Mobile Legends

+500 mana: This item provides a very large amount of mana along with other defensive items. With this extra mana, you’ll save more mana and spend more skills. Especially for tank heroes who need very extravagant mana like Gatotkaca.

+70 physical defense / armor: Dominance is the second largest contribution to the amount of armor after blade armor (+90 armor). Thus, this item can strengthen your defense to fight heroes with very high physical damage.

+ 10% reduction in critical chance: Very good guys because it can reduce the chance that the enemy will get a critical chance. Because when this critical chance comes out, the damage will be great.

What is the Critical Opportunity Reduction?

Critical chance reduction is the ability to “lessen” the enemy’s critical chance. For example, the enemy buys a Windalkter item that has a 10% critical chance. If you buy Dominance Ice now, Windtalker’s critical chance will not come out as Dominance Ice reduced it by 10%.

Just like Blade Armor, Dominance Ice doesn’t come with any extra HP, so you’ll have to combine it with other items if you want your HP to be thick. But only thick HP are not enough, you have to coat it again with armor or magical res.

Passive 1

Dominance Ice Mobile Legends
Dominance Ice Mobile Legends

The first passive of this Dominance Ice item is + 10% cooldown reduction. As a result, you will be spending skills more frequently as your skills cooldown has been reduced. However, since this addition is passive, it cannot be stacked.

For example, if you buy 2 Dominance Ice Items, you will get a 20% cooldown reduction. That won’t happen now, all you have is a 10% reduction in cooldown. But for the basic state it can be stacked. In this case you also have +1000 mana, 140 armor and 20% reduction in critical chance.

Passive 2: Arctic cold

Another passive of this domination ice item reduces the attack speed of the enemy by 30% and the movement speed of enemy heroes close to you by 5%. Very good passive types for this item as it can fight high attack speed heroes like Moskov, Miya and Karrie. But you really have to approach that with a note.

So this item is designed to fight heroes with high attack speed. The 30% reduction in movement speed is enormous. Windtalker increases attack speed by 40%, but can be reduced by 30% through dominance. Thus, the attack speed that works from Windalkter is only 10%.

Suitable for who

Hylos - Phantom Seer - Mobile Legends
Hylos – Phantom Seer – Mobile Legends

It’s clear folks if the item is suitable for tank heroes. You have to be strong to withstand the onslaught of all enemies. However, in order for Dominance Ice’s passive to be active, we must be able to get closer to the enemy, especially the enemy shooter who has a high attack speed.

One of the tanker heroes best suited to deploying Dominance Ice is Hylos. He has a slowing effect from his second skill plus this item’s passive. In addition, this item also provides a lot of mana, which makes Hylos’ HP thicker.

Then the other tanker is the Minotaur. He is very effective in using domination ice as he can approach the enemy to use his third ability. In addition, this item will also often make Mino use his ultimate ability, as this item provides a cooldown reduction status.

When was it bought?

Usually this item is bought after your core item is ready, or it can at least be stored in the third or fourth slot. Sure, you need to be careful if this article doesn’t give you HP status. So it has to be combined with other articles.

You can use this item if you really want to fight heroes with high attack speed. If the enemy uses Miya, Moskov, Claude and others, you can buy Dominance Ice. This item will really help you in team fight.

That is the discussion this time about the subject of domination ice. Hopefully useful and have fun experimenting. Thanks very much.

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