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Immortality, Mobile Legends items that users can revive [UPDATE]

Mobile Legends Immortality Guide
Mobile Legends Immortality Guide

Items are a must have in every MOBA genre game, including Mobile legends. With the item, the heroes used by the player can have a maximum status, be it for attack or defense.

One of the items in the Mobile Legends game is Immortality. This item is usually used by tank or battle heroes. But at the moment almost everyone is using heroes Immortality items. When the game has entered the late stage of the game, almost all heroes will need to use this item.

Well, in this article I want to talk about objects of immortality. What’s so good about this article? Let’s watch the discussion below.

Base status

Immortality Mobile Legends
Immortality Mobile Legends

+800 hp: This amount is quite high, especially when used by non-tanker heroes. But this value will make tanker heroes bolder.

+40 physical defense: armor or physical defense The items that this immortal item provides are quite high in fact. Thus, you can use this article to against physical heroes, especially shooters and fighters, where it really hurts in the late game phase.

Passive: Immortal

Immortality Mobile Legends
Immortality Mobile Legends

2 seconds after your death you will back to life. You receive 15% HP of the maximum HP that you have and sign which can absorb up to 1000 points of damage. The higher the HP you have, the greater the HP of this passive item when it comes back to life.

The shield lasts for 3 seconds and this passive ability has a cooldown of 3 minutes or 180 seconds. The cooldown on this item is very long, so you’ll need to use the passives of the item Immortality as best you can.

For whom is it suitable?

As Mimin mentioned earlier, this immortal item is not only made by Tank heroes. Non-tanker heroes can use this article. But to make this item more effective, you have to combine it with other items.

When using a non-tanker hero, you can combine immortality with items Rose gold meteor. You can use the combination of these two items when using riflemen or assassin heroes to battle a combo kill hero.

This Rose Gold Meteor Shield is very useful especially to avoid a combo kill like the combination of Eudora, Aurora and Selena.

Selena Mobile Legends
Selena Mobile Legends

Also, make sure you buy items Robbery of life, for example Haas’ Claw or Endless Battle. Because after you have risen from the dead, Lifesteal will be very useful so that you can re-enter the war or fill your HP with minions or jungle monsters that have been hit.

If you use a tank hero, you can combine immortality with it Blade armor or Dominance ice. The combination of those two elements is very appropriate indeed, folks. The combination of these two elements leads to High physical defense.

When was it bought?

Actually, immortality is not a mandatory item. Use this item when you really need extra physical defense to fight mage heroes. Or, you can also use this article to avoid it a combo kill. You can’t die like this right away.

For tank heroes, this item is usually bought in the fourth slot. Because the role of a tanker is really important in a team. So he mustn’t die so quickly. With this article you can always be there for team fights or protect hero wear your team.

For non-tanker heroes, you can buy this item in the last slot. When the game has entered the phase late game, you need to buy this item. But it has to be combined with other items like Rose Gold Meteor and Lifesteal or Magic Vamp.

That’s the discussion, guys this time, about immortality items. Hopefully useful and have fun experimenting. Keep watching the Cecepkocep page for more information on the Mobile Legends game.

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