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Brute Force Breastplate, Main Item of Hero Fighter - Mobile Legends Item Tutorial

Guide Brute Force Breastplate Mobile Legends
Guide Brute Force Breastplate Mobile Legends

One of the articles in Mobile legends is Brute force breastplate. This item is usually used by heroes who can Spam skills. But not infrequently there are also players who use this item for heroes fighter Yet Sagittarius.

Originally this was a brute force breastplate undervalued articles or rarely used because it is less effective. Although this item can be used by tank and battle heroes. But this item has an adjustment in patch 1.2.98.

And after the update that appeared in the patch, brute force breastplate was once again widely used by gamers. But right now this item is often used by battle heroes, even marksmen.

In this article, Mimin will now discuss the Brute Force Breastplate (BFB) subject. What status does this article give? And who are the heroes that fit this article? Let’s check out the review below.

Base status

Mobile Legends brute force breastplate
Mobile Legends brute force breastplate

+770 hp: A very large additional HP for tank heroes, especially hunters. So they can be more survive while playing or Team fight.

+45 armor: This item also provides additional armor, albeit not too large. But for the size of battle heroes, it is very suitable, especially against heroes with physical attack types.

Passive: brute force

Brute Force Breastplate’s passive is every time you use a skill, then Speed ​​of movement You will increase by 3%, Armor and Magic Resi will increase by 4%.

This effect can stack up to 5 times folks. This gives you a total of 15% movement speed, 20% armor and magical res. The passivity of this Brute Force breastplate item lasts for 4 seconds.

Mobile Legends brute force breastplate
Mobile Legends brute force breastplate

to Maximize the passivity of brute force breastplate items In this case, you need to spend as many skills as 5 times in a row for a duration of 4 seconds. Since passive only works for 4 seconds, you have to be able to spend 5 skills in a row.

Hence, you need to be able to maintain the passive stack of Brute Force Breasplate items for 4 seconds. If you can’t defend it, this item’s passive won’t be maximized. If you manage to defend it, this item’s passive duration is reset to default 4 seconds away.

So even if you hit 5 stacks but can still spend skills, the effect of the passive breastplate item will still work and won’t go away.

For the analogy, let’s apply it to Skill 2 Hylos. This skill makes the passive of the Brute Force Breastplate 5 stacks long since Hylos is still performing his skills. This passive effect now disappears when Hylos’ 2 skill is deactivated. However, if Skill 2 Hylos is still activated, this item’s passive will continue to work and will expire 4 seconds after Skill 2 Hylos is deactivated.

For whom is it suitable?

Hylos Abyssal Shaman Mobile Legends
Hylos Abyssal Shaman Mobile Legends

This brute force breastplate item is better used by tank or combat heroes who can spam skills five times in a row within 4 seconds. The heroes who can do this are Hylos, Jawhead, Martis, and Hilda.

When was it bought?

Usually this item is used when your team is dominating the game, or in other words, your team has a greater chance of winning. This item is usually stored in the 5th or k-6 slot. If you are a tank, the first thing you should do is buy armor items like Blade Armor or Magic Resistance like Athena’s shield. However, if you are using battle heroes, buy your core heroes first, such as Endless Battle or Bloodlust Ax.

That is the discussion this time about the Brute Force Breasplate item. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. Don’t forget to share this article too. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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