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LifeAfter Game Walkthrough Guide for Beginners - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

It wasn’t long before the LifeAfter Game was rated as the best survival Android game of 2021, since yesterday it was released for the English version, the total downloads in the Playstore have reached 1 million downloads.

This game features unique gameplay and stunning HD graphics. In this game you will go on an adventure in a wild world full of zombies, beasts and brutal mutants that are almost impossible to kill.

Game life after 2
Game life according to the English version

Teamwork with players or friends is required to conquer the brutal LifeAfter realm with ease. Hunting zombies with friends can be a very cool gaming experience even if you want to clash with other groups of players in the war zone.

Game life after the fight

In this game you can build a house or a base, also equip it with useful furniture such as beds, toilets, cupboards, chairs, etc. Of course, to strengthen the character, you can make armor and weapons.

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Communities can be formed by creating a camp (clan / guild). In this camp you can build buildings like a village, because in it you get land to build your own house. By forming a strong camp, you will become confident of conquering and controlling the war zone / map.

LifeAfter games
LifeAfter Game – cut down a tree

For those of you who have just played this LifeAfter game, today I am going to create a special guide or guide for beginners / newbies so that they don’t make mistakes while playing this game.

Complete solution for LifeAfter game start

After completing the character creation phase, you’ll find yourself in a scene where your character and an NPC named Aleksey are driving in a pickup truck and are being followed by a bunch of zombies. This NPC will guide you through the tutorial phase. Unfortunately, at the end of the tutorial, he is killed by a mutant named Lozarov.

At the top left there is a list of quests, the current quests can be viewed here. Finding equipment is the first step in the search. All you have to do is stand on a glowing circular surface, there is also a walking guide so you don’t get lost. There you will find Life Detector after opening there is a backpack that you can choose from.

Talk to Aleksey as soon as you have the backpack. The next task is to make a machete or machete. There are many types of materials or resources that you can obtain in the wild. Stones, wood and berries are items that are required at the beginning of the game. You can mine stones in boulders with a pickaxe, you can extract wood from trees. Without using axes and picks, you can also get materials from nature, and do so with just your bare hands. But first, you get a capital ax and stone pickaxe.

Actually, you can also make these tools yourself, the crafting menu is at the bottom left, here you can make or make tools, weapons, amma / bullets and medicines.

Here I will guide you through complete solution and tutorials in this LifeAfter game. There are 4 levels that I underline as levels;

Follow the dog and climb the ladder

Talk to Aleksey after you’ve gathered enough material. And follow the dog who will lead you to the exit. Until the dog finally leads you to climb the stairs. But you need to speak to Aleksey through the stairs first.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use a helicopter and how to get home. After that, go to the cabin where you fight zombies and meet a super mutant named Lazarov.

Get on the helicopter immediately

Exit the cabin and follow Aleksey in search of a vehicle as you dodge Lazarov and kill zombies. You will meet a group of people near the helicopter. After receiving a shotgun from Aleksey, reload the gun immediately. There is a ball box near the helicopter. You need to build a brigade out of wood, look for a box near the area where the brigade is located.

After bridging the parameters, zombies will arrive and survive until the helicopter is repaired. But after you manage to fly, Lazarov attacks the helicopter and you fall into the river.

Safe place

After falling out of the river, follow the NPC and you will drown in the next tutorial which is how to build something including how to fix / make walls, how to use equipment workstations, balconies and more. The facilities at this place are almost complete, there are banch material, weapon boxes and equipment stations. Use the branch material to make the door. If you want to make weapons, make use of the facilities at the equipment station. To reload bullets onto weapons, use weapon crates.

After following the existing tutor, a horde of zombies will come to this place and attack you. After successfully defeating the incoming wave of zombies, a box will fall from the plane containing several resources for you to take.


Talk to Aleksey immediately after taking the items from the supply crate. The NPC will take you to the laboratory where you will interact with the scientists there. Take a walk and explore the area around the laboratory. You will receive a message box, put it on the floor and select “Leave a message”. Put an item (whatever) and confirm. Shortly afterwards, zombies appear. Once in the next room, look for a closet that your dog is in. There is an access card in the cupboard that you can use to open the exit later, forcibly open the cupboard with an ax. Here you can see a cutscene in which your character Lazarov survives while Aleksey sacrifices for your safety. Look for the radio and communicate with the support team, after that the second dropbox will be dropped, take the rifle weapon in the box and kill Lazarov.

After this dramatic event, you will arrive at the City Hall, where you will interact with several NPCs. Justin, Rachel, Bulk and many more. and finally you left the town hall and entered the world The real life afterwards.

Beginning; To build a house

The tutorial disappears as soon as you leave the town hall, you create a simple hut in the development area. But before that, you need to clean up the zombies that are around. You can make arrows that you will use to destroy the existing zombies. To complete this quest you will need to make an arrow along with the arrow. The trick, first collect materials to make the arrow, find the nearest tree and hit it with your hands, look for stones from the rocky mounds. Point: Find stones and wood and make arrows.

Tips for you, go around the buildings that are there first, usually there are advertising boxes or containers that you can open, inside there are resources like stone and wood so you don’t have to bother cutting wood anymore .

The next task is to contact a radio near the cabin. find it. There is also a home sign and floor to take with you. After recording, go to the pocket menu -> select ground -> equipment -> place the ground on the ground (blue zone). Now collect enough wood and stone to build your dream home. Tips: Walk around and you will find some furniture like mattresses, chairs, work stations, and bench materials.

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Put the furniture that you get in the house after you finish the walls. Make walls, doors, windows, and stairs if you want to build a townhouse. This is the LifeAfter game guide for beginners. For the following post I’ll be reading a more detailed guide, so don’t miss it, please bookmark this Playgames-id blog. Thanks very much.

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