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Here Are The Techniques And Tips To Beat The Virgo Zodiac Boss - Laplace M - PlayGames | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

A challenging event for most Laplace M players is the boss fight. In this game you will be faced with multiple bosses that have unique attack mechanisms. For this it is mandatory to understand the technique of defeating the existing boss.

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One of the strongest bosses in the Laplace M game is the Zodiac Virgo boss. Many players were overwhelmed by this boss. That’s because they don’t understand the boss’s attack mechanics and don’t have the proper techniques to counter his attacks.

Laplace M is the chief of the Virgo zodiac sign

This time I will introduce some special techniques and strategies to defeat this boss’s attack mechanism. Thanks to my experience and my guild friends, I can summarize some important tips when facing the Zodiac Virgo boss in the Android game Laplace M. Hopefully it can be useful.

Strategy to defeat the Virgo Zodiac boss in Laplace M.

    1. Party composition

    I recommend starting a party with a composition;

    • 2 tanks,
    • 2 dps,
    • 1 support,


    • 1 tank
    • 2 dps,
    • 2 support is also possible if the tank is really strong TB.

      2. Boss HP Stage Mechanism 100% –50%

        • Basic attacks The boss consists of 3x attacks and on the 4th attack it issues 2x red slashes followed by a stab in the sword area. (try your DPS or your support, don’t beat the boss, as well as for tanks not in line with your team)

        • Sword marked, random heroes who become agro (directed by the boss) will receive a red sword over their head if hit by a red slash combo this mark will potentially decrease a lot, even though your HP is big.

        • Circle marking, every few seconds the boss marks one of you with a purple aura followed by a large circle on each side spicy.

        • Arrow marker ball (Arrow above head) If either of you get this sign, leave the boss immediately and go to the end of the map until the bullet appears, otherwise your group will be easily wiped out when hit by this bullet.

          3rd Boss HP Stage Mechanism 50% – 0 %

          • Summon sword When the boss’s HP reaches 50%, the boss will summon 4 swords in the center of the map and you have to destroy all 4 circle). After destroying the sword, I suggest switching to your skill card, especially assistance. After the 4 swords have been destroyed, the boss stuns all group members and issues a new skill, “Rain Sword”, the damage of which is very sharp. And it is certain that your cell phone will die. Here is the important task of the support, use your healing abilities immediately after the boss has taken out the rain sword ability, so that the HP of your team is full again.

          • It’s the same as when the boss’s cell phone is over 50%, but the difference is that the mechanism is faster when the boss’s cell phone is under 50% and not just one is marked, regardless of whether it is a circle or a bullet. The trick is, if someone gets hit by a bullet or is hit by a bullet + circle, you have to quickly move from your friends to the other end of the map, and for those that get hit by a circle, you still meet the boss and make sure you don’t get the red mark.

          • After the boss’s cell phone reaches 20%, the boss runs to the center of the map and charges him up to do a very large damage skill. This is your timing to defeat the boss asap using all of your damage removing skills.

          Below you can see our fierce fight against Zodiac boss Virgo.

          Hopefully by reading and understanding the instructions Defeating the Virgo Zodiac Boss – Laplace M, you won’t have any more problems farming in this boss. Thank you for visiting the playgames-id blog.

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