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Latest Guinevere Build 2021 -

A fighter hero with magical damage type, Guinevere is one of the scary heroes for players who use hero cores. Why is that? Because if all skill combos hit or hit an opponent using a core, it is certain that the opponent will level up: v

Because of this, choosing the right item will affect the effectiveness of the Guinevere skill. Okay, let’s just talk about the Guinevere building item.

So use Execute to select the emblem, namely the Mage Emblem and the Combat Spell. You can take a look at the emblem set for yourself below.

Okay, now let’s go over the points;

1. Arcane boots

This shoe item offers an additional +15 Magical Penetration and Attribute +40 movement speed for Guinevere.

2. Concentrated energy

Where can this article be added +70 Magical Power, +700 HP, and Attribute + 25% spell vampire. The most important of these items is the magic vampire, which will be very useful for Guinevere. aside from that that his unique passive item was able to restore 10% mobile maximum if Guinevere manages to kill the opponent’s hero.

3. Holy crystal

This article offers additional +100 magic power for Guinevere. Even his unique passive voice will increase Magical attack by 21% -35%.

4. Calamity Reaper

This item adds +70 magic power, +100 mana, +6 mana regeneration and + 10% cooldown reduction. The item is pretty complete in terms of its attributes and this item deals damage to its basic attack after using the True skill.

5. Queen’s wings

This is a defensive item that adds +15 physical attack, +1000 HP, and +10 cooldown reduction. Of course, this item is not a required item, but this item offers a great HP and cooldown reduction. You can replace this item with a Genius wand or a winter club.

6. Divine glaive

Objects that can give +65 magical power that can add too Attribute + 40% Magical Penetration for Guinevere. other than that, the unique passive also increases the unique effect by 30% when mobile Guinevere below 70%.

That was Guinevere’s Build Item recommendation. Hopefully useful, thanks ..

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