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We talked about physical items and magical items. Now we’re going to discuss Defense Items on Mobile Legends so you tank players can get the most out of the game. Okay just check it out!

  • Blade armor, is the object that has the greatest physical defense. This item can also counter enemy Heroes who focus on normal attacks.
  • Queen’s wing, this item can add 1000 blood and reduce attack damage taken when your hero’s blood is below 40% and increase life steal. This item is typically used by Hero Cores so that they can keep joining the war.
  • Thunder belt, this item is also widely used as it adds blood, physical defense, and real damage. In addition to tank heroes, Karrie usually uses this item as well.
  • Damn helmet, this item is similar to Athena’s shield, this item also adds magical defense and can perform 1.5% magical attacks against nearby enemies and deal 50% additional damage to minions. Hence, it will be very helpful for tanks to get rid of minions.
  • Guardian helmet, you can use this item when you want to have a hero armor with thick blood and great HP regeneration.
  • Antique cuirass, this item has the basic function of adding blood, physical defense and HP regeneration. And able to reduce physical attack by 10% for 2 seconds when attacked.
  • oracle, this item is an item that can combat magical attack heroes. The unique ability of this item is that it can increase your hero’s HP regeneration. Very suitable for tank hero types who, like Uranus, are dependent on HP regeneration.
  • Athena’s shield, this item is also a popular item for tanks to face enemy heroes who have fairly large magical attacks. This Shiend can take 25% magic damage. In addition, this item also adds HP and HP regeneration.
  • Dominance ice, this item is suitable for tank heroes who waste a lot of mana. This item can also counteract enemy heroes with high attack speed like Claude and Wanwan.
  • immortality, this item is the tank’s favorite item. With this item your hero can be brought back to life and receives 15% blood and shield.
  • Brute force breastplate, this item has the basic function of adding blood and physical defense. The unique passive of this item is to increase movement speed as well as physical and magical defenses when using skills.
  • Twilight armor, you can use this item to counter heroes with critical attacks. Additionally, this item can reduce the attack damage of late game heroes like Irithel and Aldous. So the first attack by the opponent on your hero will not reach more than 900 damage. Remember, this only applies to the first attack / hit. And has a cooldown of 4 seconds so that the passive is active again.

That’s all for defense items explanation this time, hopefully it will be useful to you. Thanks very much…