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How to overcome a bad network while playing Mobile Legend

As we know, Mobile Legend is in into the category of types of online games. Of course, this one game requires data or a stable internet connection. All of this is done so that while playing the Mobile Legends game you will not experience any network problems, delays, forced shutdowns, or others.

Before doing that, we need to know the cause first. This problem is usually caused by signal interference in your area. disturbance this can occur at any time, even in some cases, signal interference occurs if there is a power outage in your area. other than that Pushing too many graphics is also the cause of decreased ping. It means If your phone has standard specs but you force the settings to stay on the right, the picture can be broken and the ping goes up and down.

The final glitch is the Mobile Legends Direct glitch that occurs while playing Mobile Legends with MCL. Most likely, if there is MCL forcing you to play leaderboards or classics, you will definitely experience delays as the server is prioritized for MCL.

How to Overcome Network Problems in Mobile LegendsL.

How do you deal with it then? There are two options, namely:

Lowest graphics settings

This is done so that the Mobile Legends application runs smoothly on your smartphone and avoids delays, rising pings or anything else.

Enable the WiFi and data functionality on Mobile Legend

The last and most effective option is to enable the WiFi and data functionality in your Mobile Legends application. After using this feature, there is guaranteed to be no more lag while playing Mobile Legends unless your WiFi signal and data are very problematic.

These are some ways to solve network problems in Mobile Legends and their causes. Hopefully helpful and thank you.

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