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Lane map and jungle locations in Mobile Legends

Position and lane plan

Mobile Legends generally uses classic MOBA cards, namely Top (top), Mid / Middle (Middle) and Bot / Bottom (bottom). In addition, there is a jungle with monsters that can help us gain gold and experience.

Upper track

Shows the path above or to the left of the map. This path can be used by any kind of hero. At the start of the game it should be filled with 2 heroes and focus on destroying the tower in front of it.

Medium / medium track

Is the middle path of the map. At the beginning of the game, this path should be filled by heroes whose attack distance is far from the shooter or mage type. Heroes able to guard the leading tower alone, the Deff mode continues, it’s okay, the most important thing is to try not to destroy it. The middle lane is a pretty important path as it is the closest to the enemy base and vice versa.

Bot / bottom lane

Is the path below or to the right of the map. This path can be used by any type of hero. Just like the top lane at the start of the game, it should be filled with 2 heroes.

Jungle (forest)

Jungle is a place between the two alleys, jungle contains monsters and bushes. Jungling (ngejungle) is usually ignored by beginners because they don’t really know the benefits.

Jungling mainly consists of killing monsters, after killing monsters we are rewarded with XP and gold in the game. You can then use the gold to buy equipment, which of course makes your hero stronger.

Bush (bush). When you enter a bushy area, your hero becomes transparent and your location disappears from the enemy’s radar. The bushes in the jungle can be used to spy on enemies and hide from them as well.

Jungle is generally an area for farming for assassin, fighter, and sniper types so don’t read them while in the jungle and you should focus more on tower / tower defense.

And if you like the jungle, you should look at the map more often. If your friend needs a donation, just leave it and help him, don’t take advantage of the jungle and drop the tower.

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