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Know the nature of crowd control in Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends crowd control

One of the most important factors that can make the difference when playing Mobile Legends is controlling the crowd. There must be at least one hero who has this ability for the chances of winning to increase. Because this skill is very useful, one of which is hijacking the enemy team’s hardcore.

We can stop the heroes with agile movements and fast lifesteal with crowd control. This skill is of course very useful for team fights or war. Especially when the hero has a crowd control ability in the area.

As of this writing, there are 12 types of crowd control in the Mobile Legends game. Let’s check out the review below.

1. Slowly

Slow is a crowd control that can slow down enemy movements. There are so many heroes in Mobile Legends who can achieve this effect. Some of the most famous are Johnson’s Ultimate Skills, 2 skills from Natalia and Estes.

This slow effect seems trivial, but the effect will really be felt in combat. Especially when you want to run away but your hero’s ability to escape is still on cooldown.

2. Silence

If you get hit by this crowd control, you won’t be able to spend the hero skills you used. However, you can still perform basic attacks and keep moving.

This silence effect becomes the most effective deactivation for counter heroes who are skill dependent compared to normal attacks. Therefore, silence becomes a deactivation effect that is much feared by mage and assassin heroes. Battle heroes like Chou cannot use skills either.

Natalia and Helcurt are heroes who can give silence effects with their passive skills.

3. Immobilize

Enemies affected by this effect cannot move for a few seconds. But they can still perform a basic attack or ability. The only thing that is limited is movement.

Some heroes who can trigger this effect are Odette and Hanabi with their ultimate abilities.

4. Morph

This effect changes the shape of the target. When changing form, they cannot attack with basic attacks or abilities. Your movement speed will also slow down so this skill is pretty annoying too.

The only heroine with this ability is Nana with her second ability. Even the magical defense of this hero who transforms into a raccoon will wane.

5. Anesthesia

Unlike Immobilize, Stun will completely paralyze your opponent’s movement. Because they can neither attack nor move.

The famous hero who can have a numbing effect is Selena. That one assassin hero mage can kill his opponent for up to 3 seconds. While very annoying, we can overcome this effect with the Purify battle spell or some other anti-crowd control like the Ultimate Abilities of Valir and Diggie.

6. Knock

In fact, this effect isn’t that different from being stunned, it’s just that the opponent moves or changes position. The effects it creates can be recoil (rebound) and blowout, or in the air (hopping in the air).

Franco and Minsitthar’s first skill and Kaja’s ultimate skill are also included in the knock effect. Even Tigreal and Akai’s ultimate abilities are also included in the knock effects category.

Just like the stun effect, knocking can still be canceled using the cleanse spell and the hero’s debuff skill effect.

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7. ridicule

Heroes who spend this ability force the target to attack him on a simple basis. This deactivation effect also deactivates the opponent’s ability. A hero who has this ability certainly has a very long shelf life because he is attacked himself.

One of the heroes who can spend this skill is Gatotkaca with his second skill. The hero affected by this skill is forced to attack them with a simple attack.

8. Disarm

Enemies affected by disarming cannot attack with simple attacks, but they can still attack with abilities and keep moving. At this point in time, Masha is the only hero who can trigger this deactivation effect.

9. Charm

Enemies affected by the spell effect will move towards the hero who issued the disabled ability. Enemies affected by this skill cannot move and cannot attack with simple attacks or skills. One of the heroes with this ability is Vexana with her first ability.

10. Blind

Enemies affected by this effect cannot attack and move as desired. One of the heroes with this ability is Helcurt when he uses the ultimate skill.

11. Pull / spin

This effect pulls the opponent into the air and is thrown to a certain point. The only hero who has this ability is Atlas with his ultimate ability. This effect can still be canceled with Debuff or Suppression skills.

12. Grounded

This effect makes the opponent unable to spend escape skills, be it sprinting, blinking, or jumping. The hero’s movement is restricted for a few seconds, even the Flicker spell cannot be used. Heroes with teleport skills like Harley’s 2 skills cannot use these either.

At this point in time, the only hero who has this ability is Minsitthar, who has the ultimate ability. Enemies who are limited in their ultimate abilities cannot spend escape abilities. In this way, Minsitthar is a very powerful hero to face agile heroes like Fanny and Ling.

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These are the 12 crowd controls that already exist in Mobile Legends. Over time, there could be a new crowd control for every hero released by Moonton. Hope it’s useful.

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