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Information about the marked locations on the Mobile Legends map

Marking / understanding about locations marked with the map

Mobile Legends allows us to mark certain locations with a blue exclamation mark on the map. When a certain place is marked, a bell will also sound so that we are more sensitive.

These characters together are a kind of code and have different meanings depending on the situation and conditions.

And after reading this, I hope that you will be more sensitive to the places marked by your teammates. Example;

  • The shield in the place of the empty tower is hit by the enemy. Immediately approach the tower and defend the tower.

  • Markings at the location of unattended enemy towers. Immediately approach the tower and try to destroy it.

  • Mark your location destroying enemy towers. This is usually because an enemy is walking towards you so back off and keep your distance, fight them if you can.

  • For example, if the enemy tower is low there are three left, then the leftmost tower will be marked, meaning that the tower will be destroyed next.

  • The shield on the base means that the base is under attack or that you will be asked to defend the base.

  • The mark on the Lord’s position means to attack the Lord.

  • And so on, depending on the situation and conditions.

Note: when a location is marked, usually only one person is asked to do so (unless it is a rally and push). So if you see someone have gone to a marked location, leave them alone if you think they can.

In addition to ping (exclamation mark), there is also a gather (request backup) that is supposed to call friends or ask for help. It is also possible to ask team members to meet.

Retreat (Initiate Retreat): Namely to ask our members to withdraw, this is usually done when we know we are going to lose, even as we move forward, then it is better to withdraw first.

Attack, invite the team to move forward and attack when our position is favorable to move forward.

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