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The types (roles) of warriors in Mobile Legends and their definitions

There are 6 types of warriors in Mobile Legends, each with their respective roles. The six types of warriors are tanks, fighters, assassins, mages, snipers, and supporters.

Tank is a warrior type that has high HP and defense, but below average attack. Tanks are usually at the forefront in war, their job is to be a shield to the fighter / assassin / mage / shooter and support them behind them. With their ruggedness as a hero, tanks are very good at dispelling a number of enemies and making it easier for the carry to repay the number of enemies.
Heroes of this type are: Tigreal, Franco, Minotaur, Akai and Lolita

– Tips on using tanks

Fighter is a kind of close combat fighter. Hero fighters generally have high defense and high attack. The fighter’s way of working is usually to attack / jump the enemy while attacking while his friend is paying off the enemy’s blood (the enemy is usually unaware that he is being shot or paid for his blood), then backing away and then jump back towards the enemy to finish him off and finish off.
Heroes of this type are: Balmond, Bane, Yun Zhao, Alucard, Freya, Chou, Sun, Alpha and Ruby.

– Tips on using Fighter

Assassin is a kind of fighter with high attack and speed. This role usually wanders up / down in the jungle. So don’t be surprised if the assassin guy likes to show up suddenly and then help / kill. The carry type is the type most attacked by assassins and of course, it really helps the team to take the pressure off the enemy.
Heroes who participated as assassins include: Lapu-lapu, Natalia, Saber, Karina, Hayabusa, Alucard and Fanny.

– Tips on using Assassin

Mage is a very cool guy for making enemies more difficult and the damage is more painful as few users care about magical defense. What is meant by making enemies more difficult is for example like this: Balmond is playing around, uh, suddenly turned into a cat with Nana, Miya is still chilling under her own tower and then is thrown from an umbrella by Kagura and wants him it doesnt go aside. The mage type is the one who is very cool to be a support while the mage makes it hard for your teammates to repay the enemy’s HP.
Heroes who have this role include: Nana, Eudora, Karina, Gord, Alice, Aurora, Cyclops, Vexana, and Kagura

– Tips on using magicians

Sniper is the type who has high attack / damage and also long attack distance. This type is also known as Carry / Adc. These types of heroes play a huge role in killing enemies. When using this hero, be sure to keep your distance from the opposing hero, as this type of hero usually has a low durability. With this type of hero, you should use gears that increase the speed of attack, as shooters can not only kill enemies, but also destroy towers quickly.

– Tips for using Marksman (MM)

Support can have a meaning as a team supporter, but also as a healer. The support mentioned here is a healer. Early game healers generally stand side by side with “carry” until the carry is “like this”. And when the late game healer becomes a healer for everyone and the benefits can be felt when rally and push alias push are together. Healers are generally positioned behind and try not to die easily, but if the fighter or marksman on your team dies, don’t hesitate to go forward and distract your enemy.

– Tips for using the support

Yes, this is a brief explanation of every role / type / hero role in Mobile Legends. Of course, you will understand each role better if you play this game often. If you want to write them all, you can have a book, hehehehe. Please correct if something is wrong.

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