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Title: How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery
Link: How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery

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How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery

How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a game that is currently popular and popular among game lovers. Gamers, girls and boys, young children to adults, one of those games is Mobile Legends. Multiplayer with friends or loved ones by forming a squat or a team In addition to the multiplayer mode with family and friends from squats, we can also play with friends who are randomly selected by the computer.

In the Mobile Legends game, there are many match modes that we can play including Ranked, Classic, Brawl, Custom, VS Al and other tournament modes that usually change depending on the event that is going on. Of all the match modes there is one mode that is special is the ranked mode where we get the usual rankings to measure our skills in the Mobile Legends game; Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend and Mythic are divisions in the ranking in ranked mode in the Mobile Legends game, in which division are you currently friends?

Did you know that in the Mobile Legends game there is a feature that allows us to see or review the results of the previous game, namely in the menu? profile then menu repetition You probably already know everything, for example by recording and saving the video we get various functions.

  • Analyze our mistakes to improve skills.
  • Meet friend or foe with GG games.
  • In addition, we can also upload videos to the YouTube site to share all over the world.
  • Save in the gallery as the most beautiful moment when you get sevage.
  • The last thing is that it doesn’t waste internet data quota because it doesn’t go back and forth to watch the game online.

    Below is a guide on how to save a Mobile Legends replay video in the gallery.

    There are two ways to save replay videos from the Mobile Legends game.

    1. With the Google Play Games app.
    2. With the Mobizen app.
    1. By using the Google Play game application.

    This method is only possible and is supported by Android with version 5.0 (Lollipop) above. They can record videos in 480p or HD 720 quality, depending on the available space on your Android device, and automatically display the maximum length of video that can be played and record.

    The method:
    • Open the Play Game application. This application usually needs to be installed in order to play online games. So you must already have them. If you don’t have it, you can download it from the Google Playstore.
    • Select a game and tap the icon at the top of the game details page Record.
    • Select the video quality setting and Next.
    • Tap the menu begin, then the symbol appears automatically balloon Floating video with recording settings.
    • Open the Mobile Legends game and go to the game profile.
    • Select menu repetition and select the video to be saved in the gallery by tapping Keep, the video you selected is displayed My repetition just swipe right.
    • Tap the recorder icon and after about 3 seconds the video recording game will start.
    • Select a video in My Replay and tap OK.
    • To stop or close the recording, drag the floating balloon icon to the top of the screen or onto the cross.
    2. By using the Mobizen application

    Mobizen application is screen recording application and it is usually used by gamers to record while playing games, websites or web sites that offer software or applications for free and there may still be ones that save Mobizen apk files.

    The method:
    • Open the Mobzen application and it will automatically show a floating Mobizen icon.
    • Tap the icon with the caption of the video camera icon to start recording.
    • Open the Mobile Legends game and select the menu profile.
    • Select menu repetition and select a video you want to capture and save in the gallery by tapping the menu Keep.
      How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery
    • The video you selected will be displayed in the menu My repetition.
    • Tap the icon download and wait for the process to start the video like when you are waiting for loading when you enter the match arena.
      How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery
    • To start recording, tap the Mobizen floating VCR icon.
    • To finish, tap on the box symbol with the running time and the video will automatically be saved in the gallery with the Mobizen folder.
      How to Save Mobile Legends Replay Videos to Gallery
    • Next to Adjusting the video quality in the Mobizen application, tap the floating Mobizen icon and select the checkered menu icon, then swipe right to the gear icon or Settings and adjust the settings you want.

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