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Title: Reasons People Prefer Smartphones to Play Games
Link: Reasons People Prefer Smartphones to Play Games

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Reasons People Prefer Smartphones to Play Games

Reasons People Prefer Smartphones to Play Games

Cell phones are electronic devices commonly used as a means of long distance communication, but in this modern era the name of the cell phone has turned into a smartphone, or what is now known as a smartphone, video games to replace game consoles (electronic Machines specifically used to run video games) and also in society smartphones are not a luxury item that is hard to come by, everyone already owns a smartphone.

Different types of consoles and electronic devices that should be used to run and play video games, e.g. on smartphones than the console or the computing device itself, although of course we know that consoles or computers have better game graphics than smartphones.

For gamers, this is not unreasonable as to why they would rather use smartphones as a tool to play games than consoles or computers. Below are some reasons why people prefer smartphones for gaming.

1. Environmentally friendly

By using a smartphone to play, we can do this anywhere, for example in the office, while traveling, in a queue, etc. This is an advantage over an environmentally friendly smartphone that is easy to take anywhere, uncomplicated and of course fits in your pocket. Imagine we are waiting in a queue with the Playstation as a game tool, isn’t that fun and inefficient.

2. Multifunction

It is no longer an open secret, smartphones can not only be used as a telecommunications device, listen to music, watch videos and surf the Internet, but can also be used to play games. .

3. Smartphones are now more into games

Judging by the development of smartphone technology, namely in the area of ​​marketing, well-known and well-known smartphone brands are currently prioritizing facilities for games, games and to be able to play the big games.

4. Easy to get game

In contrast to consoles and computers, it can be said that it is quite difficult to get games, on smartphones it is very, very easy to get games, for example on Android devices that have different genres of games in the Google Playstore and for The iPhone is offered by devices that are made available in the App Store, we can also send or receive games from Android devices to other Android devices without any problems, this makes it easier to obtain smartphone games.

5. Multi-games

Once again, with the advancement of technology on smartphones, we can run various games from game consoles, even almost all game consoles can be played on our favorite smartphones. For example PS1, Nintendo, Dingdong, PSP games that we can play on Android by installing supporting software or emulator applications to create ROMs from the console.

    6. Cheaper smartphones

    Compared to consoles or computers, the price of smartphones is relatively cheaper and affordable in all circles. In addition, there are many classic games that have been adopted from computer games have to pay a lot of money, enough to have a smartphone, for example the game Point Blank , GTA san andreas and others.

    7. Lots of multiplayer games online and offline

    The advantage of smartphones compared to game consoles is that there is a large selection of games that can be played in online multiplayer with internet data and offline via LAN or hotspots, which makes the game more exciting because we don’t play alone, we can play with friends or against friends everywhere, we are here, for example the game Hago, AOV, Mobile Legends and other online multiplayer games.

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    That’s why people prefer smartphones to play games

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