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Title: Balmond Hero Mobile Legends Equipment and Construction
Link: Balmond Hero Mobile Legends Equipment and Construction

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Balmond Hero Mobile Legends Equipment and Construction

Balmond Mobile Legends equipment and construction


Balmond is my best hero on the front lines. Damage plus very long-lived heroes.

Balmond is a tank and a fighter at the same time. It can deal damage when it absorbs attacks from other teams, like a hybrid. He can be an invincible hero if you know what items to use.

From the above review we know that Balmond is a tank / fighter hero who is pretty reliable in the game because apart from his thick blood, Balmond has a high damage attack. This time, I’m going to discuss the build of the Balmond piece of gear I’m using and this has been found to be effective because the damage that Balmond does is very large, especially when there is a critical attack that can increase the damage.

Okay, let’s just go to Build Item Balmond which is very powerful.

1. The first time you need to purchase a critical item, more commonly called Berserkry’s Fury.

2. The second is that you need to buy footwear items, here I bought warrior boots for armor defense against enemy attack.

3. The third option is to buy the Blood Rush Ax Tem. This item works very well because when Balmond makes a round with his 2nd ability it gives a life stealing effect.

4. Next, you need to purchase Deadly Blade items to get physical penetration effects so that Balmond’s attacks penetrate the opponent’s armor.

5. then you buy the item Heart Of Steel / Immortality. The upside is that when you buy Heart Of Steel there is an additional critical attack and HP rain and armor. When you buy immortality, you get the resurrection effect.

6. Well, if you buy the Heart Of Steel item first, you will need to buy the Immortality item for extra defense. But if you buy immortality you have to buy Green Sword / Blade Of Despair for more high damage attacks.

Well it’s a Build Item / Gear Balmond that GGWP is done because it can 1 VS 2. and if the opponent is not too professional, he can do 1 VS 4 with skill 3 and skill 2 only for additional friends that can be hunted with skill 1.

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