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How to overcome the lag while playing AOV (Arena of Valor) on HP RAM 1GB

How to overcome delays in playing AOV on HP RAM 1GB – Arena of Valor or what can be abbreviated to AOV is one of the most popular 5v5 action moba games. How not, lately AOV has been hosting a lot of interesting events, from free heroes to those who diligently log in every day, get loans and even get 7 billion, wow !. On top of that, AOV also has graphics that are pretty clear and come with super cool animation effects. But to be able to play this AOV game your cell phone must of course have at least 1 GB of RAM so that it does not lag / interrupt while playing. Surely you gamers, the most annoying thing about playing games is delaying or forcing it to close.

Causes of delays in AOV include an unstable internet network and less RAM storage capacity. However, most players complain about an unstable internet connection that causes them to freeze or stop while playing. AOV itself is an online game that requires an internet PING of less than 100 ms. Well, on this occasion the admin will give tips to overcome delays / errors while playing AOV on HP RAM 1GB. Below is the full review.

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How to overcome delays in playing AOV on HP RAM 1GB

1. Stabilize the internet connection while playing AOV

The first way to deal with the delay in AOV is to stabilize the network. We recommend that you play over wifi or find an area with a stable internet network. To stabilize the internet network on Android phones, you can use third-party applications such as HDPA + Tweaker or Ping Tools. This application can be downloaded for free from Google Play.

2. Free up RAM to AOV. to play

If your internet network is stable now, it will free up your phone’s RAM memory so it will run more smoothly while playing AOV. To free up the memory of this phone, the admin has two options, the first method for rooted Android, you can use the App Freeze application which can be downloaded for free on Google Play. App Freeze is used to freeze applications that you don’t think are important. For information on how to use it, see the previous article How to Freeze / Disable Apps on Android

The second way to free up RAM for the Android phone is not rooted. Go to Settings> Installed Apps / App Managers> look for social media apps like BBM, Whatsapp, Facebook and others> then choose Force / Disable stop. This method is powerful enough to free up RAM on a phone that has not been rooted.

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3. Disable effects in AOV

When playing AOV on HP RAM 1 GB, it is better to disable some effect functions like target info, mini map window outline. To disable these effects on the AOV homepage, please select the gear icon in the top right corner and then select Show menu. Take a look at the picture below to make it clearer.

4. Disable the smartphone battery saving function

Some of the latest smartphones have a battery saver feature. It’s better to just turn this feature off when you want to play AOV. Because this feature can reduce the internet connection and some other features that make your phone less than optimal for playing AOV.

5. Do not play while it is charging

Playing games while charging can cause the phone to overheat. Not only can this damage the components of the cellphone, it can also cause delays in gaming.

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Well, these are 5 ways to overcome delays / interruptions while playing AOV on a 1GB RAM phone that the admin can convey. Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck!

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