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This is the strongest magician hero in Mobile Legends

The strongest magician hero in Mobile Legends – Hero mages in Mobile Legends have a role or a role as fighter hero helper in battle. One of the most useful mage skills is stun, where this skill can reduce the opponent’s armor and bring the opponent to a standstill for a few seconds. Of course, this stunning ability is enough to make the opponent heavy. In addition to being stunned, mages also have magical defense, the damage of which is quite painful, especially if you are level 13 and above.

In Mobile Legends itself, there are 10 mage heroes to fight with, and of course, out of the ten mage heroes, there is the strongest mage. Well, on this occasion, the admin is going to review some of the strongest mage heroes in Mobile Legends, from which you can choose one of them as your favorite heroes. Below is the full review.

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The strongest magician hero in Mobile Legends

1. Harley

Harley is Montoon’s newest hero mage. Harley himself uses maps as his main weapon. Harley fires 3 to 5 rounds of cards that reduce the opponent’s armor. This skill is called Poker trick. Besides, Harley has skills too Space escapewhere this skill can disappear by keeping the magic hat in place and then going forward to hunt down the opponent’s hero. You have 4 seconds to return to the hat’s original position.

Not only that, of course, Harley has skills too Deadly Magic where this skill can lock the opponent’s hero by throwing a ring of fire that can cause a slow effect and magical damage that creates a large ring of fire on the hero and the opponent’s surroundings. The combination of these three skills naturally makes Harley the most powerful hero in Mobile Legends.

2. Aurora

Of course, players who have been playing Mobile Legends for a long time already know this one hero. Aurora is the most popular magician hero who is often used in Epic rank. Aurora’s first ability is Frost shock where this skill fires a missile and explodes when hit by the opponent’s hero. Also, enemy heroes hit by this missile will be slowed down. Especially when the red box is fully charged, this first ability can freeze the opponent’s hero for a few seconds. For the two Aurora skills are Bitter frost. This skill can deal magical damage which is quite painful, affecting the enemy hero’s movement speed.

The advantage of Aurora lies in ability three, where this ability invites huge ice cubes that 5 enemy heroes can freeze, making it easier for shooters and battle heroes to get kill. Therefore, the aurora became the favorite hero of the legends.

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3. Cyclops

Cyclop is one of the admin’s favorite heroes. The power of Cyclops lies in the ability two, which can shoot 5 star clear balls precisely at the opponent’s hero. In addition, Skill 3 Cyclops is also very helpful, which freezes and gives magical damage effects to the opponent’s hero. The three Cyclops skill balls automatically recognize the enemy so you don’t have to control the skill. Same as Aurora Skill 3 Cyclops can help combat heroes and archers to get kills.

Cyclops’ first skill is also no less painful than his second skill, which creates two shock waves that can reduce enemy armor. How to play Cyclops is 312. That means first the stun effect (skill 3) and then skill 1 and then skill 2.

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Well, these are some of the strongest mage heroes in Mobile Legends that the admin can bring to all of you. In fact, all heroes in Mobile Legends have the same power depending on which pilot is using them. If you have any other recommendations for the strongest hero mage, feel free to leave a rating in the comments column. Much luck!

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