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How to top up AOV (Arena of Valor) vouchers with credit and credit cards

How to top up AOV (Arena of Valor) vouchers with credit and credit cards – Arena of Valor is a MOBA game that is currently on the rise. The reason for this is that Garena, the editor of the Indonesian AOV game, often hosts interesting events that players can hypnotize to try out the excitement of this mobile battle arena game. Arena of Valor itself is the new name of the Mobile Arena game that has been changed to keep up with game developments in the world market. Well, for those of you who are new to AOV players, you may still not know what types of currencies can be used in AOV games to shop for combat needs.

Arena of Valor itself has three types of currencies, namely gold, gems, and coupons. For gold, you can get it for free in ranked or quick play mode. As for gem currency, you can also get it for free by completing missions. The voucher currency is a premium currency that is not available for free, but we have to buy it or what is commonly known as top up. Arena of Valor itself offers several payment methods with which you can easily buy vouchers, including credit and credit cards. However, the purchase of AOV vouchers from Alfamart and Indomart is not yet supported. Hopefully AOV can work with the two convenience stores in the future.

Well, on this occasion, the administrator will give an overview of how you can top up the purchase of AOV coupons using credit and credit cards. The admin provides a clear overview with pictures so that those of you who want to top up can easily follow the steps. Only a few providers are supported to top up AOV with credit, namely Telkomsel, Indosat Ooredoo and XL / Axis. In this article, the administrator will give an example with a Telecomsel card, but later you can practice it with other providers as the method is the same. All right, below is how to top up an Arena of Valor voucher with credit.

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How to top up AOV (Arena of Valor) vouchers with credit

1. In the first step, please verify / register your mobile phone number, which is used to top up on Google Play. How to open Google Play> Menu> Payment Methods> then it will appear Telekomsel credit (prepaid & postpaid). Then tap on Telekomsel Billing, then Google Play will send a confirmation SMS to the provider account.

(Note: if you have already purchased an application / game from the Play Store with credit, skip this step number 1.)

2. After your mobile number has been successfully verified by Google Play, now enter a credit for the amount that you would like to top up. If you want to top up a total of 15,000, enter at least Rp. 17,000, – because there are taxes etc.

3rd step, then open the Arena of Valor game, tap on the home page on the + symbol on the voucher currency, then you will be directed to the top up media page and then press the button Refill.

4. Next, please select how much you want to top up. For example, the administrator will charge Rp. 15000.

5. A purchase confirmation will then appear with payment by billing via my Telekomsel account. Just choose Obtain keep going.

6. Then enter your Google Play Gmail account password, then select confirmation.

7. Wait for the charging process to complete. If your payment was successful, you will see a popup as shown below.

Then your AOV voucher increases automatically.

How to top up AOV (Arena of Valor) vouchers with a credit card

1. To purchase Garena AOV coupons using a credit card, the method is the same. Please confirm your credit card on Google Play first. The method is the same as checking the mobile number on Google Play.

2. With your CC verified, now is the time to step into the AOV game. Tap the + symbol in the voucher currency> select the Top up button. Then the pricing options will be displayed.

3. Select how much you want to top up and a pop-up confirmation of credit card payment will appear. Just choose Obtain.

4. In the next step, enter the associated password for the Gmail account and then select Confirm.

In this way you can top up the purchase of AOV vouchers with credit and credit cards that the administrator can send you. AOV itself is hosting an event for the first time to receive a LuBu hero gift package. Hopefully this review is useful and can add to your knowledge. Regards!.

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