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Title: How to lock heroes against AOV games
Link: How to Lock Heroes Against AOV Games

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How to lock heroes against AOV games

How to lock heroes against AOV games

The game Garena AOV (Arena Of Valor) is one of a series of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games that are currently popular and in great demand among gamers. The game features 5vs5,3vs3,1vs1 match mode, battle royale and many more match mode that we can play as well as more than 60 heroes we can have and one of the local heroes just released from tank type , is Wiro.

Of the many match modes, the ranked mode is the most special among other matches, in which the AOV player receives an evaluation of how great his skills are in the game. The lowest to highest levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Conqueror and the top, the highest is the Grand Conqueror.

In order to achieve a victory in addition to teamwork and the skills of each player, it is very important to use all the features of the AOV game to expand our skills, for example how to lock the opposing hero so that we can do the in each game Defeat opponents easily. Locking or locking the opponent’s hero in AOV game is very helpful and effective when the enemy forms a gang when attacking our team.

Below is how to lock opponent’s hero in AOV game.
  • Open the AOV game and select the menu with the settings icon corridor.
  • Then choose steering.

As a description
  • Target lock

How to lock heroes against AOV games

If you enable “Auto Lock”, you can automatically lock the target or enemy hero by selecting the “Automatic Attack” or “Manual Attack” attack mode. There is additional control to attack the hero or the creeper. This mode is very effective when the opponent’s hero is in a state with creep and you can choose which one to attack or near the opponent’s tower.

  • Priority target hero

The blocking automatically selects the opponent’s hero with the lowest or next number of HP and the choice of skill activation, namely the skill wheel or auto-aim, it is up to you which one you tick and choose. If the admin is the enemy hero with the lowest HP and auto-aim for easy and quick enemies who get killed, this mode is the main mode to lock enemy hero so use it to add hero skills and your own skills .

    • Avatar lock mode

    How to lock heroes against AOV games

    If you choose Show Avatar for Available Targets, you can choose the attack mode Wheel Lock or Target Lock which will show additional avatars of the opposing hero that you lock and make your target of attack, with Wheel Lock we can move the joystick ability towards the target Avatar, and Target Lock is from Tap Avatar, this mode is very effective in choosing which hero to attack first, whether Marskman or Assassin, and chase the hero.

    • Skill cancellation

    You can cancel the skill by continuing to move the joystick skill until it turns reddish and the skill you want to remove will be canceled automatically.This mode is very useful when the enemy is far from the target or we are the target want to switch.

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