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Title: Some terms in the Asphalt 9 legend
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Some terms in the Asphalt 9 legend

Have you played Asphalt Legend 9 before? Asphalt Game is a game by Gameloft that is a racing car game. There are many variants of cars that you can use depending on the chapter. Asphalt Legend has quite a large memory, which is over 1GB, but the large capacity matches the quality of the graphics and effects. Another benefit is that if we haven’t completed the challenge in the race, we can complete it through repetition. Without having to start again like at the beginning.

For example there are 3 challenges, then we can only complete 2, then the other 1 which we can achieve by playing again without having to complete the 2 previously completed challenges. When playing this asphalt game, there are several terms that some new players may not understand. Some of the following term checks may help you:

Nitro time: 1s yafinish in Potition 2 or better: means you have to be able to reach the finish line in 2nd or 1st place, if you land in Potition 3 or better it means you have 3rd place or better have to achieve.


Win the race : The challenge that comes up most often in the Asphalt Legend game is to win the race, that is, to win the game no matter how important it is to win. heheehee that you have to be in the nitro position for 1 second when you are active. The trick is to press the usual nitro button at the bottom left once. The time button is set to 3s, for example, which means that you have to last 3 seconds when the nitro is active

Meter drifted : When you encounter a Measured Drifter Challenge, it means you need to drift as far as the challenge is stated. For example Metered Drifted: 100 means that you have to drift up to 100 meters (brake when turning). for nominal drift, for example, it can change to 300 or 500, you just have to adjust it. In order to be able to carry out a measured drift, you must press the key brake when turning

Shock waves: The state in which our car emits maximum nitro is marked purple. To get shock waves, you only have to tap the nitro twice when the nitro bar is full or is still in the red nitro area. These shock waves hang aside to normally increase the car’s top speed and complete the challenge. e.g. 2 shock waves or more.

Shock waves

360. Achievement: 1 challenge where performing 360 involves turning 360 degrees. The trick is to tap the drift button twice, then the car will spin 360. If the nominal 360 power is only 1, it means you only need to do it 1 time. If it’s more, all you have to do is adjust

Water time: 2S is very clear, actually you only have to fly (jump) in the air for 2 seconds.

Barrel rolls : 1
When playing this asphalt game along the way there is usually a board that you can jump with as you spin. You just point the car at the board and you spin in the air. If the face value is only 1 time, it is enough to do it once, but if it is more, all you have to do is adjust it

Escape : Usually this challenge appears when there is a police car in your race. Then you will be hunted. All you have to do is finish the race before the time runs out.

Nitro bottle: 3 or more
To complete this challenge, all you have to do is crush your car with bottles on the racetrack

Perfect nitro
The way to perfect Nitro is to simply press the Nitro 2 times while the second press will still show a blue number on the Nitro bar. If it works, it can be called perfect stainless steel

Stunts: 3
If you do a barrel roll it can be called a stunt, if you do 360 it is also a stunt, and destroying the enemy car is also a stunt. for numbers as desired

In order to be able to feel the effects and graphics yourself, you can download it directly from your respective playstore. That’s enough hope, it’s useful

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