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Title: How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players
Link: How To Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

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How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

Before we get into the topic of how to avoid noob players in Mobile Legends game, I will first cover a little bit about the game, Mobile Legends game is a war strategy game that can only be played online , this game was developed by Moonton and contains a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game with 10 players and divided into 2 5v5 teams.

We often hear of the noob gamer’s words as ridicule on Mobile Legends game chat, of course we wonder if we have ever experienced that. Noob player is the name of a player or player who just played the game, or more specifically, is a beginner.

As a gamer, especially in the game we’re discussing in this article, namely the Mobile Legends game, sure all were noob gamers, and admins have also experienced very sharp chats when they made mistakes in the arena of war, even though I did think it’s just a game that some lose and some win.

I think the noob player is really annoying because other than having no experience in the arena, he has certainly not mastered the real hero that he uses or is not yet a pro on the hero. We play randomly in ranked mode and it is better to avoid noob before entering the battle arena.In this article I will give a solution to avoid noob players before entering the battlefield, so as not to suffer repeated defeats to us not to get irritated and angry, which is useless.

1. Do a squat

The most important and effective thing to avoid noob players is that we have squats or enter squats that want to accept us. Because most likely the players in squat are not noob players, if noob must have been removed by the admin.To do your squat, you must have enough diamonds and a maximum of 9 players in the squat.

2. View profile photo
How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

Of course, if we don’t have squats we are playing with a team where players are randomly selected by the computer and there is a chance that we will get a friend of a player who has noob.

To avoid this, before you menu. to press Enter to a random team, you can see that player’s profile photo. If it has been replaced with his own photo, it can be said that he is an old gamer or, most likely, already a Pro Hero. And if he’s still using the default Photo Icon from the Mobile Legends game, he’s most likely still a newbie.

The reason is definitely that he’s still busy playing the game and hasn’t had time to change his profile photo. So don’t join a random team if you find a photo that is still the game’s default symbol. Usually if you don’t enter we’ll wait another 1 minute queue to look for a random team next.

3. Set the clock while playing

In addition to noob, there is also the term boy, which is not the right time to play the game or are still underage, and basically this game is not our private property, but public property and everyone can play it Young players who a lot For the noob category, we also have to be able to manage the playing time. Usually children play in the mornings before they go to school and come home from school. And of course, if we play after 10 o’clock in the evening, it’s safe from children

4. Request for friendship
How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

There is nothing wrong with asking for friendship with players on a team or the opposing team that we think is good. Every time we play we of course meet one of the players from both teams who have the best skills, we can ask them for friendship, namely team or team friends. Opponent after the game. The trick is to press the green plus icon, who knows we might get a master friend to invite Mabar over or play together. Or if you are already practiced and good at mobile games

5. Invite Mabar or play together
How to Avoid Noob Game Mobile Legends Players

Inviting friends to play together is better than being randomly selected by the computer, and the friends we invite have a rank or rank above us, the chances of winning are very high. According to the rules, we can invite friends who have a rank above us.

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