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How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends

For those of you looking for free diamonds in Mobile Legends, I have some interesting information this time! Below is an easy way to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends.

Based on the information I received, is holding a diamond distribution event this time. This event is for those of you who wish to reload diamonds for IDR 300,000 or more. As a reward, you are entitled to bonus diamonds Mobile Legends from UniPin. Interesting right?

Please note that this event will take place quickly. According to the information from UniPin, this event could end at any time. So don’t let this opportunity pass you guys!

Bonus Diamonds Mobile Legends

And here are the details of the bonus diamonds you will receive based on UniPin’s nominal top-up.

  • For the purchase of diamonds worth IDR 300,000, you will receive a bonus of 74 diamonds.
  • For the purchase of diamonds of Rp. 500,000 you will receive a bonus of 184 diamonds.

Hearty, isn’t it? How then the hell How do I get bonus diamonds on UniPin? Let’s check out the tutorial below, yes.

How to Get Free Diamonds ML on Unipin

  • Please buy a UniPin voucher for Rp. 300,000 or Rp. 500,000 at your next Indomaret.
  • Please go to the page below to redeem UniPin vouchers, UniPin Mobile Legends
  • Enter the Mobile Legends user and server code in the fields provided.
  • Select tab Coupons then select option UniPin-Express

How to buy diamonds from Unipin

  • Enter your voucher code in the column provided
  • After everything has been filled in, please click on the menu send and tap on Option Confirm

Unipin purchase confirmation

  • You will receive a notification during this event Bonus diamonds like the one below.

Bonus Diamonds Mobile Legends

Terms and Conditions:

This event is not without conditions, folks! Therefore, please adhere to the UniPin General Terms and Conditions.

  • This event only applies to Unipin Express.
  • Starlight members with a purchase of IDR 300,000 will also receive bonus diamonds.
  • The bonus is credited immediately after a successful transaction.

So the article on how to easily get free diamonds in cell phone legends. Hopefully this article was useful and good luck!

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