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Free 600 yellow diamonds! Mobile Legends latest event leaks

IDKurir.web, id – Later this year, Moonton is hosting an event with 600 yellow diamonds available for free. How to get it is very simple, like that!

After the advent of a legendary MOBA competitor, League of Legends: Wild Rift, Moonton often hosts large events for Mobile Legends players. Of course, free players like Mimin have been waiting for such an event.

Previously, Moonton had also launched a free event with yellow diamonds and 50% off every item sold. If I’m not mistaken, that time coincided with the launch of LoL: Wild Rift.

Exchanging yellow diamonds is also very easy, as you can use the diamond like a discount coupon item. However, this method has received a lot of criticism as some players are still confused about how coupons work.

To anticipate this, Moonton is providing a swap menu at this event. As the name suggests, this menu is used to exchange the yellow diamonds that you have for real diamonds.

This allows you to exchange all yellow diamonds for real diamonds.

Free 600 yellow diamonds in Mobile Legends, here’s how!

600 diamonds free mobile legends

It’s easy to get 600 yellow diamonds for free! You only need to win the game 40 times. Be it classic, ranked, brawl or even magic chess.

Do you have to win the game 40 times in a row?

Of course not. You can play comfortably and win 40 games. Defeat does not determine the victory that you have previously achieved.

This event was deliberately made simple, nothing more than to increase the enthusiasm of the players when the ml season decline was successfully implemented.

When will this event take place?

This event will be available in your Mobile Legends menu when the season changes. However, there are also multiple sources that say this event took place after the Christmas event.

Are there prizes and other events?

Naturally! With every victory you get, you can claim prizes in the form of gold, experience points and many others.

As a leak, this event also coincides with a free elite skin event, the information of which you can find on our website!

This is the article on Free Diamonds in Cell Phone Legends. Hopefully the diamonds you get can buy your dream skin, okay?

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