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Free Fire and Mobile Legends are haram games, here's why! – Not only PUBG Mobile, other popular games like Free Fire and Mobile Legends are illegal games too, here’s why!

The presence of online games on smartphones has drawn criticism from various quarters. Not only parents but also religious institutions give their voice to the popularity of the game among children.

PUBG Mobile became the game that came to the fore most often as a game with an illegal label after MPU Aceh banned the game’s existence in Indonesia.

Although it sounds ridiculous and was used as a joke by internet users, Tencent responded to that statement by implementing a kid-friendly gameplay system. Where children’s play time on PUBG Mobile games can be controlled by parents and no more than 6 hours per day.

Free Fire and Mobile Legends are haram games

But recently, some parties have also said that Free Fire and Mobile Legends are illegal games for a variety of reasons. Not only that, other games are also being accused of being illegal games and adding to the list of illegal games in Indonesia.

Why is that happend? Here’s why!

More harm than good

The main thing that sparked the debate about illegal gaming is the little benefit that comes from gaming. According to some scholars and parents, playing games is an activity that has no use.

Playing games can actually help someone recover from hectic life. But what is happening now is very different.

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People can be lazy about going to school and working because they play games. Play day and night without knowing the time.

This makes a lot of people think that gambling has more harms (bad things) than benefits. Do you agree?

Combat trigger

5 years ago we were enlivened by PvP games like CoC and Clash Royale. Everything went normally with incomparable excitement.

Until we get to an era when games that can be played together are more crowded than games that can be played alone. Playing games with close friends, being a team and playing against other teams is something very exciting.

But it is not uncommon for games to lead to arguments among friends. If you lose while playing MOBA and Battle Royale games, it really puts the mood down. Especially when there are friends who blame us and say we are noobs.

Dirty words

Your mouth is dirty

There are plenty of videos on the internet showing young children uttering dirty words while playing, especially on Free Fire. Quite often these words are said to teammates who are not playing well.

Such things make a lot of parents angry and support MPU Aceh’s moves by banning other games like Free Fire and Mobile Legends.

Waste of time

The activity of gaming, which is intended to be used to relieve fatigue, has now become routine for many people under the pretext of being a professional.

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As a result, many students skip school to just hang out or play online games. Worse, there are also men who play games and fail to do their job.

Games intended to be used for relaxation have become a routine that destroys children and fathers. So do not be surprised if there are many women who support the steps of the MPU Aceh.

Harassment of Religious Symbols

Similar to the multiplication between team members who know each other, religious symbols sometimes become harassed when we meet people we don’t know.

In addition, some games intentionally use religious symbols as a theater of war. This sparked a debate between Netize and an online dispute.

It is fair that something bad should be forbidden. But it is good when things like this are given back to individuals with their respective game developers. Like Tencent, which gives kids 6 hours of playtime, this is certainly something to be mimicked.

This is the article on Free Fire and Mobile Legends including the Haram game. Hopefully this article is useful and makes you a better person. Reduce game time if it doesn’t help.

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