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How to get 3 stars in Magic Chess TD Mobile Legends – If you want to level up, this is an easy way to get 3 stars in Magic Chess and Chess TD Mobile Legends. Understandable, guaranteed!

Earlier this year, Mobile Legends released a new mode for Mobile Legends players. Not just one, Moonton as the developer of Mobile Legends has released two modes, namely Chess TD and Magic Chess. Chess TD was first released and then replaced by Magic Chess.

Both the Magic Chess and Chess TD modes have similarities, both in the selection of heroes, the arrangement of synergies and the upgrading of hero stars. The only difference is in the gameplay map used.

Unfortunately, although the Magic Chess and Chess TD modes attract a lot of attention, there are still players who don’t know how to level or upgrade star heroes. Especially when it comes to upgrading a 3 star hero who produces a huge hero with huge damage.

How to improve 3 stars in Magic Chess and Chess TD modes

3 stars

To level up or improve stars in Magic Chess TD, you need 3 heroes of the same type. This rule applies either when upgrading to 2 stars or when upgrading to 3 stars.

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To upgrade to 2 stars, you need 3 of the same heroes (who are still 1 star). To upgrade to 3 stars, you need 3 of the same heroes (who are already 2 stars).

This means that you have to collect the same 9 heroes (who are still level 1) to get up to 3 stars. Later these heroes will automatically rise to 2 stars and then automatically to 3 stars when all (3 heroes equal 2 stars) have been collected.

Choose hero

But collecting 9 1-star heroes is not easy. This game teaches us to develop strategies to deal with opponents. Either it can be gold management for buying and leveling or making decisions when buying heroes for synergies.

My path to reaching the Mythical Level in this mode depends a lot on the stars and the synergies I create. In order for the hero I have to have 3 stars, I have my own trick. At the start of the round, I tend to ignore the synergy and focus on collecting the heroes that pop up often. And it’s worth it!

This is the article on how to get 3 stars in the magical chess and chess modes of TD Mobile Legends. Hopefully this article is useful and don’t forget to share it on your social media!

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