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How to Download Other People's InstaStory Without Application – Found someone else’s Instagram story that looks great? How to download Instagram stories to your smartphone without application. Can use the application or without any additional applications you know!

Who here likes to stalk people’s accounts? Aside from being interested in this person’s post, you have surely also checked out the content of the Instagram story, right? Just admit it, hehe.

As one of the social media outlets for sharing photos and videos, Instagram is actually the right item to use as an eye wash item. Because there are so many beautiful and handsome celebrities that you can find there. In addition, various idols such as artists, famous people of the president also exist in these social media.

As fans, we can also follow the activities of our idols using the InstaStory they have uploaded. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t make it easier for us to download the story.

Here’s how to download InstaStory easily

But calm down, because now I am going to give a tutorial on how to download Instagram Stories quickly and easily. You can use the application through the playstore or without the application.

No app when using StoriesIG

  1. Please open your browser and visit the page
  2. entry Username Your destination and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. Then the story uploaded from the account will be displayed.
  4. Select the story, then click Download.
  5. The story is automatically saved in gallery Your smartphone.

Using StoriesIG

Use the Story Saver app

  1. Please download the application Story Saver app in the Google PlayStore.
  2. then Sign up as usual.
  3. Make sure you followed the target account, then select the account.
  4. Then the InstaStory of the account appears.
  5. Select the target InstaStory and click Save on computer to download it.
  6. The results are automatically saved in gallery Your smartphone.

Use the Story Saver app

For those of you who use a laptop, please try the following method. In addition to being quick, this method is also much easier.

Using the IG Stories Extension for Instagram

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your laptop.
  2. Download extension IG Stories for Instagram in this browser.
  3. Then click Add extension.
  4. open minded and find your target account.
  5. In the upper right, click the IG Stories extension for Instagram.
  6. Select InstaStory and click Download to download it.

Chrome extension

There are three methods above for you to download Instagram photos and videos for free.

Hence the article titled How to Download Instagram Stories Easily. You are free to choose whether to use the application or not. Thanks for reading and see you next article.

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