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Car show! How to view the skin in TD Mobile Legends Magic Chess mode – To qualify as a Sultan, this is how easily you can view Mobile Legends skins in Magic Chess and Chess TD modes. You can specify.

Earlier this year, Mobile Legends was back to business thanks to one of the newest modes in the game, namely Magic Chess and Chess TD. This event requires that we complete the game one by one, not only with skill but also with brains.

Before that, I also explained how to get 3 stars in Chess Cell Phone Legends, but there were several questions about skins that didn’t appear during the game.

How to view Mobile Legends Skin in Magic Chess Mode

To answer that question, I’ve provided a full tutorial on how to view the skin you want. You can customize it yourself, from normal, elite, special, epic skins to legendary skins.

First enter the Magic Chess or Chess TD mode. On the main page you will see many submenus at the bottom of the screen. Then please choose personalization that’s in the lower right corner.

Choose Personalize

Then some important icons will appear in the top left corner. Select the clothing icon below.

Select outfit icon

After that, please select the hero you want to customize. Some new heroes may not be available as Moonton did not add them to this mode.

To make it easier, I’ll give an example of a hero here Karina which I happen to have all the skins.

Select Skin and tap Use

Using the picture above, you can determine which skin will appear if the hero has 2-3 stars. At the top, tap the star. Then find the skin you want to use and then tap use so that the skin appears in the arena of competition.

Now you can show your skin collection to your opponent. It’s really fun, isn’t it!

How to view mobile legend skins in Magic Chess and Chess TD Modes. Hopefully this article will be useful for the readers and don’t forget to share it on your social media.

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