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How to Download and Play Pokemon GO on Android Asus Zenfone (Intel)

How to Download and Play Pokemon GO on Android Asus Zenfone (Intel) – Pokemon Go is a game that has just been officially released for the Android and iOS platforms. But at the beginning of its appearance, the Pokemon Go game attracted a lot of interest from gamers to play games that carry skills Augmented Reality (AR) Unfortunately, it turns out that the game Pokemon Go can only be played on Android KitKat 4.4 and higher and has a minimum RAM storage capacity of 1 GB. Additionally, Pokemon Go doesn’t support all types of processors either. For example on the Intel X86 processor as used in the Asus Zenfone series of smartphones.

pokemon go game

But for those of you, Asus Zenfone series smartphone users, don’t be sad because you can’t play Pokemon Go on your favorite smartphone. Because on this occasion I will share my experiences Play the Pokemon Go game on Asus Zenfone C Z007 Android phone 1GB RAM. If you look at the specifications of the Asus Zenfone C 1GB RAM, it is of course very unlikely that you can play this popular game. but with a little trick and a little oprek it turns out that the Asus Zenfone HP that I have can play the Pokemon Go game smoothly without lag and force-close (FC). Well if you are curious about it Here’s how to download and play Pokemon Go on Asus Zenfone C which uses an Intel x86 processor Let’s check out the review below.

Download and install Pokemon Go on Asus Zenfone series

To download Pokemon Go for Asus smartphones, you can try it out directly from Google Play. However, if the Play Store states that your device is incompatible, you can try the second option which is to download it from an APK directory site like APKMirror.

  1. First, download Pokemon Go Version 0.29.3 APK (58 MB) via
  2. After the APK file has been successfully downloaded, please save it in the internal memory of the smartphone.
  3. Next, set up your smartphone so that you can install applications from the outside, like: Go to Settings> Security> put a check mark Unknown source.
  4. The final step allows you to install the downloaded Pokemon Go APK file directly like a normal application.

How to play Pokemon Go on Android Asus Zenfone without lag and force close

Tricks for you to do it Play Pokemon Go game smoothly without forced closing is to disable all applications running in the background. Like social media apps and others. The goal is to make your smartphone’s RAM memory more spacious and sufficient to play Pokemon Go. To be more convenient, you can use the help of third-party applications such as: Game acceleratoras the application has the ability to automatically freeze all running applications temporarily while playing.

1. Okay, after the smartphone is estimated to be ready to run Pokemon Go, the first step before running Pokemon Go is to turn on the GPS on the smartphone.

pokemon go game

2. After your GPS is active, you will be able to run the Pokemon Go game right away from the application drawer menu. The first time you run Pokemon Go it is a little long, but please just wait. The next step, after the Pokemon Go game has been successfully run, then please log in with your Google account.

pokemon go game

3. After you have successfully logged in, select the trainer’s gender in the next step, whether male or female.

pokemon go game

4. After you have determined the gender, you can define the character of the trainer. Such as changing skin color, hair color, shirt color, pants color, shoes and bags.

pokemon go game

5. The final step is to determine the name of your trainer character.

6. Now you can start looking for Pokémon.

pokemon go game

That’s it How to Download and Play Pokemon Go on Android Asus Zenfone (Intel) and 1GB of RAM what i can tell you I urge you to be careful when hunting Pokemon because Pokemon can be in the middle of the highway. Hopefully this article is useful and can add to your knowledge. Much luck.

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