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5 best Android Game Booster apps to keep you from stalling while playing

Best Game Booster Android Apps – Did you know what a game booster is? It may sound familiar to gamers. Yes sir, Game accelerator is an application capable of speeding up the movement and stabilizing the FPS of the game display. Of course, it is useful to increase the HD resolution while gaming so it doesn’t get stuck or broken.

The Game Booster itself can release the actual performance of the Android device you are using. Especially when you see that your smartphone device is really reaching its maximum potential, you should try it out right away. Don’t worry, below are a few Android app about the best game booster. Let’s take a look at the review.

Best Game Booster Android Apps

1. Game Booster PuzzleMania

Puzzlemania booster game

In terms of size, this application is quite small, only 1MB more and of course, as the name suggests, it was developed by PuzzleMania. Fortunately, the app has better features. Well, if you want to choose which game you want to give game mode to, just select the app and give it what you want when you open it. How it works by clearing the RAM on Android and then moving on to online gaming performance limiting connections.

2. CM game booster

cm game booster

The presence of the CM Game Booster application on Android devices is for game management. On top of that, the file size is only 1.4MB which is pretty good without installing it. This application is certainly able to increase the speed of playing games. All you have to do is click on it when the problem is solved when there is not enough memory. So don’t be surprised if the game concept increases by up to 30%, as the quality of the RAM can increase when you open it.

3. Game Booster PerforMAX

Games to improve performance

For Game Booster PerforMAX application size, the size is 1MB, the given rating is quite high. This application can solve the stuck and unresponsive problem in the game on your device. In the meantime, all you have to do is press the middle button and choose which game you want to play. Which favorite games are then played often and can also be added to bookmarks.

4. Game Booster & Launcher

Game Booster & Launcher

In fact, this Game Booster & Launcher application is used to increase the speed. However, the speed must first be freed from memory. Switch to use by clicking the icon of the game or application you want to update. Then continue playing the game. It is also able to close unused applications while they are running.

5. GameBooster3


GameBooster3 can help you increase performance by up to 100% when the game is running on Android. Not only that, this game booster application also helps in game acceleration which is a very easy to use application. The way it works is to close background tasks while freeing up RAM to increase the speed of loading game resources.

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This is information about the best android app for game booster. Hopefully it can be your next reference when choosing an application on the Play Store.

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