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Complete Guide to Playing Stardew Valley Games All Versions - PlayGames-en | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

Stardew Valley is a fantastic RPG / farming simulation game that will take you to a ruined farm and give you the opportunity to restore its former glory with your own strategy.

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There are many roads to success, but there is no perfect strategy that has complex crafting features that will get you addicted.

Stardew Valley offers plenty of opportunities to make money, improve skills, and create new creations while successfully unlocking hidden features.

Designing dream farms and building relationships with city residents is a really relaxing and enjoyable experience.

The purpose of this guide is to help new and seasoned gamers discover features they may not be familiar with, answer questions players may have, and try to improve their gaming experience with complete information.

Stardew Valley was created by Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe) and I’m a huge fan. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes 16-bit (retro) graphics, simulation / RPG, or old Harvest Moon PlayStation games.

Nobody has ever created a game with all three of the above, and Stardew Valley has it all. Cool complex game for a pretty cheap price.

Already available for PC, Android / iOS, PS4 and Xbox One, Stardew Valley already has a multiplayer mode (not yet for Android / iOS) and other new features that are sure to be released one day to keep players entertained.

This guide on how to play the Stardew Valley game on the playgames-id blog has very useful suggestions for newbies. What to do first before you leave home, the following tips and guides can help you start a new day in the Stardew Valley game.

Guide for the first day in Stardew Valley

They are capitalized with 15 parsnips (seeds) in a gift box around the house, go out and clear the fields, cut the growing weeds with a sickle, break stones with a pickaxe, and chop wood with an ax in preparation for planting Parsnips.

Your fields are indeed very deserted, but much can be done after cleaning them. The resources you can find are very useful. You’ll need to clear a 5×3 lot to plant your parsnips.

Tips from me to make gaming easier (PC). Open the Settings tab by pressing the Esc key. Activate option “Always show tool hit position“, this way you will get a clue on how to” aim “in Stardew Valley.

If one day you get proficient you may not need it anymore, but right now it really helps.

As you use the tools, you can tap the 3×3 area around your character, although the hoe is a little more complicated and you have to stand in the correct position.


Of these 5 tools, you must already know their features and how to use them. For those who are still confused, here’s an explanation;

  • Ax (ax): Used for cutting / chopping wood. Felling a tree takes a lot of energy, but a branch can be cut in one fell swoop.
  • hoe (hoe): The hoe is useful for loosening the soil that can be grown for sowing.
  • Pickaxe (Pickaxe): Use this to break stones and pebbles. Later you will be used to mining in the mine.
  • Scythe (scythe): Used to clean up dead plants and weeds. If you’ve built a silo on your farm, the grass is harvested and turned into straw that can later be used for cattle feeding (straw).
  • Sprinkler (watering can): Used to water your plants!

Plant parsnips

Parsnip Plant After you’ve removed all of the debris, first use a hoe to create a plot of land for the garden, then plant the seeds by clicking the seed icon on the Bae tool (keyboard shortcuts 1-9) and watering You then use the planted soil with the seeds earlier.

You can use a pickaxe to remove areas that have been accidentally hacked.

Piere’s General Store where you can buy seeds

After your plants have been watered, I recommend going into town to buy 500G in Pierre’s shop (shop closes at 5pm and Wednesdays).

Exit the farm premises by going through the east exit and walking into town. Pierre’s shop is next to the white building with the red cross (clinic). Stand by the shop door and click to go inside.

Before checkout, you can buy seeds that are available for this season (spring). The harvest that makes the most money in the spring (currently available) is the potato, which takes 6 days to harvest. You have enough money to buy 10 packs of seeds, just buy them all.

Near the cash register you can see a backpack that Piere sells for 2000G. Buying the bag increases your inventory by 12 spaces.

Right now you don’t have enough money, increase it to buy in the next 2-3 weeks.

By planting the previously purchased potato seeds directly, you can harvest them on Sunday.

Craft box

Make a box for storing goods. If you run out of energy, just do handicrafts tomorrow. Collect 50 logs by cutting 3-4 trees. Hit Esc to open the menu and go to the tab with the hammer icon – there you’ll build it.

Make a chest, then put it on the menu bar. Grass around the house that can’t be planted is a good place to place this box, but you can do it anywhere.

Now you have a place to store things so you don’t have to throw them away or sell them.

Energy, exploration and sleep

Your character will be tired after doing everything. Look at the energy meter in the lower right corner, the green bar has now turned red, a sign that you are almost exhausted, rest immediately, otherwise you will be punished the next day if you wake up with half energy and lose some gold .

Avoid such punishments by going to bed before midnight. All things are regulated by the energy bar. If the green bar is full or still halfway, you can still walk around the village, explore and meet the villagers.


Go inside and watch TV. You have to get used to it from the start. This television shows you the weather forecast for the next day, farm tips from “Livin ‘of the Land” and “Queen of Sauce” with recipes. Also a fortune teller who gives you an idea of ​​your character’s happiness every day.

The second day

You have to wait 4 days for your parsnips to be harvested. Water them daily or they will wither. You will understand why farmers like rain because it takes you off the job. To fill up the sprinklers, go to the small pond in front of the house.

Explore the map

Press ESC or M to open the village map. Hover over the area to see its name. You will see your character’s current location, as well as the markers and main areas of Stardew Valley.

From now on, you can explore this playing map while you take care of your plants. Agriculture is only a small part of the existing functions.

The mine area will open on the fifth day and you can explore it. I recommend buying a backpack as soon as you have enough cash.

Willy at Strandpier gives you a fishing rod that you can buy for 500g if you lose it.

Robin can upgrade houses, build barns and other farm buildings, but you need a lot of gold and resources like stone and wood.

Make sure to explore the community center and then meet the magician as well.

This game is easy to play for 100 hours and everything will get better as the developers add new features with each update.

I hope this guide will help you get started with the game or give you an overview.

A more detailed guide on the playgames-id blog about the Stardew Valley game was published a few days ago by the administrator of this blog and will continue to grow in the future. So stay tuned!

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