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Durango Crafting Basics and Rules - PlayGames-de | Games | Android | iOS | Pc

I thinkAlmost everything in the Durango game is about crafting, okay? From the beginning of the game, you will need the basic equipment or tools necessary to survive, make weapons, clothing or armor, make houses and even defense buildings.

You will spend most of your time in this game crafting. Immersing yourself in craftsmanship not only saves time and resources, it also lets you grow and become a person. handyman (Master of the craft) ..

At first you will be confused by the crafting system of this game, which I experienced yesterday when I closed the beta. So complex, but later you will definitely understand and realize that every craftsmanship, every material, every object, every piece of equipment and every product (finished product) is closely linked.

Durango craft basics

  • Everything has to do with crafting. For example, you can see that skills like farming, slaughter, and gathering are basic skills for gathering materials like food, wood, stones, or other natural resources that you can later use to make weapons / handicraft tools, fabricate, build, and even for hunting purposes.
  • At the beginning of the game when you play this Durango game there is a tutorial that will guide your character in how to interact with nature, e.g. Don’t take all of this for granted as it’s a level 1 crafting skill and the foundation of everything.
  • You can collect materials for crafting from nature, buy them at the island market that are sold by players, or even pick them up from the corpses of dead players lol. If what you need is difficult to get, buying in the market is a shortcut to getting it.
  • Your stamina is drained every time you do handicrafts or collect. The decrease in endurance can be minimized in a number of ways, e.g. B. by subject level, tools, learning skills, etc.
  • If a red mark appears when material is withdrawn, you have not met the requirements. Tap the “?” to see what the conditions are.

  • Each article / article requires space in the warehouse according to its shape, weight and length. Large items such as tree trunks, bamboo and boulders take up a lot of space in the storage cells.
  • Keep in mind that almost all of the items in this Durango game are named for their real names in real life, and crafting materials use common names for the materials. So you have to think realistically if you want to make items.

Example: You want to make a one-handed hammer, the materials are chunks, straps and sticks. You will NOT get these materials (chunk, strap, and stick) in the wild, but what you do get is just pabble, reed stalk, and bead tree branch, which are the basic materials used to make the hammer above. do you know ore son? : D

Rules of the trade

Crafting in the game Durango has its own rules or rules:

  1. Each raw material requires skills / tools, levels and perseverance. (Except Tier 1 materials)
  2. Each craft item has raw material requirements, material level, equipment level, specific workbench and specific workbench level (excluding T1 items).
  3. The level and statistics of final production (finished goods) depend on the level of raw materials from which it is made.
  4. Every finished product has a shelf life that indicates how often the item will be used and the processing probability indicates how often the product can be processed.
  5. The longer a product is processed, the higher the item status.
  6. No matter how high your raw material level is, the level of the final product will not exceed the level of your craft skills. Example: Your cooking skill level is level 5, you have level 10 meat ingredients, when the meat is cooked it is still level 5 grilled meat ..: D
  7. The higher the level of an item, the higher its value.

Collecting and crafting levels

Tier 1 assembly: At this stage you do not need or use any tools to collect. You can pick up pebbles, ordinary leaves, flowers and fruits with your bare hands. However, it should be noted that collecting by hand without tools requires more stamina.

Level 1 craft: Easy craft level, you can instantly make your first collecting or crafting tool. As far as I know, it’s just a stone blade that doesn’t require any material other than a stone lining.

Tier 2 assembly: Is a collection with one tool. Example: After you’ve made a level 1 stone blade, it’s time to use the tool to find branch from the tree. However, stone blades cannot be used to gather level 3 tree trunks.

Level 2 craftMission: Can use 1 tool to collect or craft. Example: Making a level 2 one-handed hammer that requires chunk. (Read Durango Crafting Basics Endpoint Above)

Tier 3 assembly: Already uses several tools. Example: After obtaining a level 1 stone and then making a level 1 stone blade, you will find a level 2 reed and branch that is used to make a level 2 one-handed hammer that is used to break down level 3 tree trunks to obtain. The next stage will be more complex.

Level 3 craft: Can create multiple tools. For example, you can already make hunting clothes. You need to learn the horn collecting skill obtained from the Battles skill tree. In addition, tools must be made to cut the horn.

Fabrics are made from weaving threads that are made from fibers. All you have to do is learn how to find fibers, keep making threads and curling fabrics and you also have to learn how to make a loom.

It’s complicated haha, but it’s not over yet folks. In addition, if you want to survive in the Durango game, you must learn how to dry leather and of course you must know how to make a clothes horse.

You also need a workbench and a needle tool with a craft level of at least 10 to make hunting clothes … and crafting can also fail

For simplicity, you can get materials by buying on the island market or by spending a lot of skill points, time, resources and stamina on just one piece of armor.

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