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Build the most painful and newest Saber Item 2021 Mobile Legends

Onimaru's epic saber skin

Cecepkocep – Saber is one of the assassins in Mobile Legends Bang Bang with a very good target acquisition ability. He’s an assassin who can block the movements of agile heroes like Harley, Hayabusa, and Lancelot.

The former saber was not the current one. Perhaps that is the current fact for the saber. His role as the best locker is now starting to fade because many heroes have better skills than him, for example Saber.

That doesn’t stop players from using Saber, however. The proof is that a lot of gamers use Saber a lot, including me. As long as we can position properly, build the right items, and assist in hero building, I think Saber is still very good to use.

In this article, Cecepkocep gives you recommendations for build items for Saber, which you can of course try out. How is the build item? Let’s check out the review below.

Warrior boots

Build the most painful and newest Saber Mobile Legends Item 2021

The first item you need to buy is, of course, shoes, but for the meta I now use Wizard Boots more often. Because now saber also plays a role more than support, so you need support items so that it can be easier to get gold. Because apart from giving +40 movement speed and +300 hp, the item wizard boots also gives +80 gold when we get an assist.

I will replace this Wisard Boots item when the game has entered the mid or late stage of the game. You can replace it with Rapid Boots to run faster, or Magic Shoes so that the Saber Skill’s cooldown is faster. Conditionally depends on the situation and conditions. You can see the discussion about footwear here: Completely Ditch the Functionality of Footwear in Mobile Legends

Blade of Despair

In order for Saber to become a really effective assassin, you must first craft the Blade of Despair item at the start of the game. It feels very heavy as the price is very expensive, but the effect really becomes noticeable when you enter the middle game.

This blade of desperation will give you +170 physical attackThat way, the Saber combo can die, or at least make the target die instantly. Your damage will increased by 25% when you make a combination of an enemy whose blood is less than 50%. Therefore, in the settings, we have to enable the lowest blood mode so that we can perform combos against enemies whose blood is dying.

The additional damage of 25% is of course very large, especially when the game is late and almost all items are ready. Saber can really be a deadly assassin if the item before the target is gold. In addition to this, this BoD item also offers 5% movement speed, making it easier to chase enemies or run away.

Endless struggle

Build the most painful and newest Saber Mobile Legends Item 2021

The third item for the saber is Endless Battle. Back then, Saber with Bloodlust Ax was better than Endless Battle. But Bloodlust Ax is less effective as the 1 Saber skill only takes 40% of the spell vamp from the item. This way he only gets 8% magic vamp from Bloodlust Ax. That is of course very small.

Why endless struggle? Because this item gives more status than Bloodlust Ax. One of the items out there is + 15% life steal instead of spell vampire. In fact, Lifestal is also less effective for Saber, it is more suitable for spell vamp, as it relies more on skills than on basic attacks.

Another consideration is Endless Battle’s passive, where the basic attack does real damage after using the skill. So after using Skill 3, use only 1 basic attack as often as possible if the target is not dead. That way, it will really do harm. If it doesn’t die too, use Skill 2 to escape.

Then the Endless Battle item also increases movement speed by 5% of the base status. Of course, this will really be felt, especially when you buy items from Rapid Boots. This will make it easier for Saber to join or leave the war team.

Blade of the 7 seas

Build the most painful and newest Saber Mobile Legends Item 2021

I think Blade of the 7 Seas is a required item for Saber because he can be an anti-tank assassin. If we look, the Blade of the 7 Seas item decreases the enemy’s armor by 25 points for 3 seconds. In addition to this, this item also offers a pretty large amount of Physical Attack, namely +75 Physical Attack, and it also offers +300 HP, which makes Saber’s blood thick enough.

While the passive of Saber itself reduces enemy armor by 7 points and can be stacked up to 5 times. In this way, Saber can distribute the enemy’s armor up to 35 points. This passive can be activated with either simple attacks or abilities. While the passive blade of the 7 seas can only be activated with skills.

By purchasing the Blade of the 7 Seas item, Saber reduces the opponent’s armor by 60. This value is very large and this reduction will also be felt by your colleagues. Unlike the Malefic Items, which have to penetrate the armor, the basic status is not reduced. So hit the enemy with skill 1 to decrease the armor of the enemy and then use the ultimate skill. This passive combination of Saber and Blade of the Seas items is enough to hit a dying enemy tank.

Rose gold meteor

Build the most painful and newest Saber Mobile Legends Item 2021

This Rose Gold Meteor item is designed to avoid a combo kill of the enemy. Because the passive of this item provides a shield when our blood is less than 30%. The higher the hero’s level, the thicker the shield he gives. The cooldown on these passives is actually quite long, 40 seconds, so we should be able to use them as best we can.

The Rose Gold Meteor item is also very suitable against mage heroes as it offers +30 magic defense. In this way, this item is very effective in avoiding a combo kill of mage heroes like Eudora, Harley, Aurora and Gusion. On top of that, Saber will deal even more damage with an additional +60 Physical Attack and 5% Lifesteal.

When our team is way ahead of the enemy in gold, I usually buy the Blade of Despair item again to increase the Saber damage. These two items are enough to kill shooters, magicians or assassins with one blow. Even with whole blood. Also read:Build items, complete tutorials and how to play X.Borg Mobile Legends

Queen’s wing

Build the most painful and newest Saber Mobile Legends Item 2021

This item is actually optional, you can replace it according to your taste. However, I prefer to use this article. In addition to 1000 HP, this item also offers + 10% cooldown reduction. That way, Saber will spend its ultimate more frequently.

Then no less important than the item Wings of the Apocalypse Queen, namely the damage reduction through the passive voice. We get 40% damage reduction when our blood is less than 40%. We’re also going to get 40% life robbery, so we don’t have to be scared of walking by with a mage, assassin, or shooter.

You can also replace the Wings of the Apocalypse Wueen item with an immortality item so that you can have 2 lives. We can come back to life after death and counterattack or flee. In addition to this, this item also offers great HP and magical defense.

I don’t use any items of defense under certain conditions, my last item uses volatile time. We’ll be using the ultimate skill more often on this item. Even if it doesn’t fit, I feel good because I use the ultimate skill more often. That way we will slaughter weak enemy heroes more often hahaha.


Even if not used effectively in the current meta, Saber is still a terrifying specter for weak heroes and lacks escape skills like shooters and assassins. In fact, you can avoid a Saber combo kill by using items from Nature’s Wind or Winter Club, but both items have long cooldowns. So we have to be smart about reading the playing conditions.

That is the discussion this time about the Saber Mobile Legends build item. Do not get stuck on my objects, it is better to experiment yourself and adapt it to your gameplay. Good luck and thank you.

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