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How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

Cecepkocep – Granger is a very high burst damage shooter in Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. With the combination of skills he launched, the damage he did to his target would be very high. Additionally, Granger is a very strong shooter even in the early to mid game, as opposed to the shooter in general who is only strong in the late game.

All heroes have strengths and weaknesses, including Granger. One of the main weaknesses of Granger is their very slow attack. In addition, he is also a Sagittarius who is not agile, so it is very easy to be picked up by agile heroes such as assassins.

In this article, Cecepkocep will continue to discuss how to encounter Granger and the heroes he may encounter. As? Let’s check out the review below.

How to Counter Granger Mobile Legends

Before going any further on how to counteract Granger, it’s best to read the pros and cons here first. One of the main weaknesses of Granger is its very slow attack speed.

The balls owned by Granger are very limited who only has 6 balls. We can only do 6 normal attacks, then we cannot hit for 0.6 seconds. As long as the delay is we can of course use it to attack him. During this 0.6 second pause, we can meet Granger from behind with Assassin Heroes or otherwise.

Then another late game weakness from Granger is very weak. He is a marksman who relies heavily on skill compared to simple attacks. With the combination of skills he was using, the enemy should really die. Because he has a delay, he cannot shoot. This is how Granger will be so weak in the late game. He will lose to heroes who rely on basic attacks like fighters, Natalia and other marksmen.

We shouldn’t be surprised if many Granger users later play aggressively in the early to mid game. Because it is less effective in the late game. His role as the Damage Per Second (DPS) hero is very bad. He will lose to other shooters like Claude, Irithel and Moskov.

Then Granger’s weakness, which is generally the same as that of a sniper, is his slow movement speed. He actually has a sprint skill with his second skill, but his sprint is very short. Hence, it is less effective when we use it to escape or chase the enemy. Mobility is very poor to be able to move quickly.

Of course, that’s soft nourishment for agile heroes like Lancelot, Zilong and Natalia. We can catch him very easily, especially when he takes a break because he cannot shoot after all six bullets have been used. Also Read: Build Granger Mobile Legends Items Hurt

Hero Counter Granger Mobile Legends

From the above description, of course, we can now determine which heroes Granger can effectively fight. Here are the heroes we can face Granger with.

1 # All assassins

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

Granger is soft food for Assassin Heroes. Because all assassin heroes are very agile. They could outsmart Granger very easily. In addition, Granger has no crowd control skills so we can attack freely. But it’s a different story if he’s really protected by his team’s tanker.

Fanny, Natalia, Helcurt and Saber are the most effective assassins against Granger. Fanny is a very agile assassin and has done a lot of damage. We need crowd control to stop it. It was also very difficult for Granger to focus his third skill on Fanny.

Then Natalia and Helcurt can also be effective counter-heroes for Granger. Both heroes have crowd control in the form of silence, preventing Claude from using his abilities for a few seconds. In such conditions, we can easily attack him. With these two heroes, we can also attack him if Granger is late. also read: Make him helpless! How to Fight and Counter Hero Faramis Mobile Legends

2 # Aldous

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

Aldous is a very effective fighter against Granger. Because he has a very large burst damage in the late game. He’s also got a great defense at this stage. That way he could kill Granger more easily.

In the late phase of the game, Skill 1 Aldous does enormous damage. Then the second skill can also make them immune to basic attacks. Then the most important thing is the ultimate ability. He could imprison Granger instantly from a great distance. Meanwhile, Granger’s basic attack is very weak in the late game.

In fact, other fighters such as Thamuz, Lapu-lapu, and Leomord Granger can counter. But I think Aldous is very effective. Fighters who rely on simple attacks are better at counterattacking Granger in the late game, including Alucard and Zilong. Also Read: Build Items Aldous Mobile Legends Hurts

3 # Harley

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

Harley is the most effective mage to counter Granger. Because it has high burst damage and is very agile. Harley is a mage with assassin skills, unlike other mages who only have large blast damage.

The combination of Skill 3 and Skill 1 Harley is very easy to kill Granger. He can approach him with skill 2. It’s very difficult for Granger to fight Harley, especially when he’s experiencing a bullet lag. The burst damage that results from Harley’s 1 and 3 skill combos is enormous.

Other mages like Kagura, Kadita, and Eudora are also good for Granger counters. But in my personal opinion, Harley is more effective than them. He could get close to Granger or get away from her easily.

4 # Kaja

Kaja is the most effective hero for kidnapping enemy heroes. Because the third ability can definitely kidnap one of the enemy heroes who does not have a high movement speed. That way, Kaja can also be an effective hero at countering Granger by kidnapping him and being rounded up by our friends.

Other locker heroes like Chou, Guinevere, and Jawhead make great Granger counters too. Once locked, we can team up Granger with other heroes to make him die.

Granger Mobile Legends items

For items, you can buy items with high armor and HP for Granger counters. Due to the high armor and HP, at least the damage caused by Granger is not high. Tank and fighter users need to know about Granger items. Here are 3 Granger counter items that you can use.

1 # blade armor

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

Blade armor is an item with the highest armor or physical defense in the Mobile Legends game. This item offers +90 armor so the damage done by Granger is not that high.

In addition, the passivity of this blade armor can reverse attacks by 25%. So the damage caused by the enemy is again reflected by 25%. For example, Granger gives 1000 damage, then he gets 250 damage from us. It’s pretty effective.

2 # Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

For user fighters, I recommend using this article. Because this item not only offers great HP, but also a damage reduction of 40%. This is of course very useful for one with Granger, and most importantly, our life stealing will also increase dramatically.

But unfortunately the passive voice of the Wings of The Apocalypse Queen is quite long. So we need to determine in advance when is the right time to attack our target. You need to know that passive is active when your blood is less than 40%. So if your blood dies, don’t be afraid to attack Granger with this item.

3 # twilight armor

How to Fight and Counter Hero Granger Mobile Legends

I think the Twilight Armor item will be an effective counterattack item for Granger. Because this item not only provides very high HP, but also limits the damage that penetrates our body. The damage we receive is no more than 900 points.

Of course, this Twilight Armor item isn’t going to add too much of the damage Granger caused. The amount of incoming damage is limited to 900 points. However, that passive has a passive too, so you need to know when is the right time to counter Granger.


Actually, the Granger counter is quite simple in my opinion. For your assassin users, Granger is your easy target. He is a very slow shooter and does not have good escape skills. For tank users, you can use items with high armor and HP. I recommend the above three articles for this Granger counter.

That is the discussion about the Granger Mobile Legends counter this time. Don’t forget to check out Cecepkocep’s blog for the latest articles. Hopefully helpful and thank you.