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Build items Minsitthar Sick and Strongest 2021 Mobile Legends

Build item Minsitthar Sick 2021 - Minsitthar Elite Skin Gilded King

Cecepkocep – Minsitthar is a fighter who is unique in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. He is a fighter who is crowd control rich. Then he has crowd control in the form of Grounded, meaning the enemy cannot spend directional or escape skills such as dashes.

Minsitthar is also a flexible fighter. We can use it as a fighter or a tanker, or even a half tanker. But the main item of Minsitthar is a cooldown reduction item. Because he’s a fighter who relies heavily on basic attacks while his abilities have a relatively long cooldown.

On this occasion, Cecepkocep will provide a recommendation for Minsitthar items for you. How are the articles? Let’s check out the review below.

Minsitthar Fighter Build Items

Ideally, Minsitthar is very useful as a fighter. However, we need to know that he is not a very good fighter to fight simple attacks like Roger and Alucard. He’s very dependent, so Minsitthar is more of an assassin. With these weaknesses, we need items to reduce the cooldown in order to maximize Leomord’s abilities.

The following is a recommendation for the hunter version of the Minsitthar build item according to Cecepkocep:

1 # Wizard boots

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

For footwear, I think it’s better to use Wizard Boots. Because this item makes it easier for Minsitthar to get gold, especially when combined with his passive abilities. The Wizard Boots item itself not only gives +40 Movement Speed ​​and +300 HP, but also gives +80 Gold every time you get an assist.

As for the passive of Minsitthar himself, which gives him +60 gold when his friend kills an opponent. Even if we don’t get assists, we get gold. Meanwhile, Minsitthar is a hero who cannot walk alone, at least he needs friends, either for damage-dealers or tank drivers. This way he gets assists easily, and it is more effective when he uses the Wizard Boots item. By getting a lot of gold, we will get items faster.

We need to replace the item of wizard boots with another shoe item, it will be late too when all of our items are ready. Because this shoe item is no longer useful in the late game. We recommend replacing this wizard boot item with warrior boots, bat boots, or even magical shoes. You can read a discussion of Footwear Items here: Completely Ditch the Functionality of Footwear Items in Mobile Legends

2 # Bloodlust ax

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

For the second item, I’d rather buy the Bloodlust Ax item first. This item not only offers +70 physical attack, but also + 10% cooldown reduction. That way we will spend skills more often. In addition, once this item is completed, the damage done by Minsitthar will also really be felt as the physical attack status of this item is quite large.

Then an additional + 20% magic vampire is no less important than this item. Once it has become a bloodlust ax item, we no longer have to worry about running out of blood while laning. Because when our skills hit the target, we get HP regeneration. This magic vampire will also help us in team combat or in individual combat with assassin heroes and enemy magicians.

3 # Endless struggle

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

The third element is Endless Battle, which is used to reduce cooldowns and other statuses. In fact, there are many statuses this item gives, besides + 10% cooldown reduction, we also get +65 physical attack, +25 mana regeneration, + 250HP, + 5% movement speed and + 15% life steal. The extra life steal will of course be very useful for regenerating HP with basic attacks.

No less important than this Endless Battle item is the true damage of the passive. Simple Minsitthar deals real damage after using the skill. This is of course very good against tank heroes. Because real harm cannot be penetrated by physical or magical defense. The master key, hit the target with a simple attack after using the skill.

4 # Blade of Despair

The main function of this item is to increase damage. Since this item’s additional physical attack is very large, it is +170 physical attack. Then our damage increases by 25% if the target’s blood is less than 50%. Of course, the damage you cause will be huge, especially in the late game where almost all the items are done.

In addition, the item “Blade of Despair” offers + 5% movement speed. It’s not too big, but your movement speed will be high in the late game. In connection with the shoe item Wizzard Boots and the item Endless Battle, which also offers + 5% movement speed.

5 # Athena’s shield

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

Before Blade of Despair, you can also buy Athena’s Shiled first, especially when dealing with mage heroes. This item will of course give Minsitthar even more stamina, as Athena’s shield offers an additional +900 HP, +56 magical defense and +20 HP regeneration.

Then Athena’s shield will also give us an additional shield that is very useful for team fights. This shield gets thicker as the game progresses. With a combination of both skills that provide a shield. While the shield of Athena’s shield item activates every 30 seconds.

6 # immortality

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

This last point is actually optional. When we’re forced to play really late night games, I usually buy immortality items. Because this item is like giving a second life, in which we wake up dead after a few seconds and receive a shield and HP. In addition, this item also offers +800 HP and +40 Magical Defense, making it very suitable for fighting against magical heroes.

However, if we feel that the physical damage done to the enemy’s heroes is very great, then we can replace items of immortality with blade armor or domination ice. Both offer tremendous physical defense so we can be more resilient to physical heroes such as shooters and fighters.

Minsitthar armored structures

We can make Minsitthar a tank hero too. Though not very effective, but he has complete control over the crowd. All of his abilities provide crowd control and he has pretty good durability too, especially when using his third ability. However, the armor items used here also focus on reducing the cooldown. The following is the tanker version of the Minsitthar build item.

1 # Wizard boots

As usual, we can use wizard boot items for items so that we can buy items quickly. In addition, Minsitthar has a passive that can give itself gold when his friend kills an opponent. In the late game we will replace Wizard Boots with Warrior Boots or Tough Boots.

Base status: +300 HP:

Passive: +40 movement speed and +80 gold when assisted.

2 # Bulwark of courage

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

Bulwark of courage is the most effective tank support item for Minsitthar. In addition, this item also offers a + 10% reduction in cooldown, so we will spend our skills more often. Then this item also gives +770 HP, which makes our HP thicker.

Then the passive of the item “Bulwark of Courage” increases the attack power and defense of our friends. They will experience buffs while around us using items from the Courage Bulwark. Very suitable in combination with the Minsitthar Skill Combo. In addition, this item will also make our minions stronger, making it very suitable for thrust towers.

3 # Athena’s shield

The main function of Athena’s shield item is to increase magical defense. Of course, this status is needed to fight mage heroes, the damage of which is very large in the early and middle game. In addition, the shield from this item is very useful for team fights and one-on-one fights.

Base status: +900 HP, +56 Magical Defense and +20 HP regeneration.

Passive: Grants a shield every 30 seconds.

4 # thunder belt

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

The Thunder Belt item will also give us + 10% cooldown reduction so we will spend skills more often. In addition, our mana is broken less with +20 mana regeneration. This item also offers +40 Physical Defense, which is very useful against heroes of the physical type.

Thunder Belt items also provide real damage and slowing effects. Our base will deal real damage and slow down after the skill is used. In this way, this item makes it difficult for the enemy to escape, especially after the use of Minsitthar’s ultimatum.

5 # domination ice cream

Minsitthar Mobile Legends Build Items The Worst and Hardest 2021

The domination ice item grants +500 mana and +70 physical defense and + 10% reduction in critical chance. In this way, this item is great for battle heroes who rely on basic attacks like shooters, Leomord, Roger and Alucard. The additional cooldown reduction of + 10% will also be very useful for Minsitthar.

Then passively from Dominance Ice, namely reducing the attack and movement speed on enemies in our vicinity. It is suitable for fighting fighters with high attack speed like Roger and Zilong. Fighting Sagittarius heroes is also very effective as long as we are around them.

6 # immortality

For the last point, immortality. A tanker should buy this item in my opinion. With this item we have a chance to escape after being brought back to life. In addition to this, this item also increases our stamina as it increases magical resolution and HP.

Base status: +800 HP and +40 Magical Defense

Passive: comes back to life after death.


This is the Minsitthar Mobile Legends build item for Cecepkocep’s version. Use the top item when you want to make Minsitthar a battle hero. If you want to make a tank out of it, use the second build element. The combination of the two above-mentioned build elements is also possible. You are not stuck with the above build, it is better to experiment and adapt it to your play style. Good luck and thank you.

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