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Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legends Top Global

Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legends Top Global

Jawhead Hero mobile legend in the form of a robot controlled by a small child. Jawhead is a robot that throws and hits enemies quickly and very strongly.

Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legend Top Global

Jawhead is included in the fighter, but Jawhead cannot be played like a conventional fighter. My friend needs a lot of knowledge and adjustments to combat conditions before he can play Jawhead, the jaw-headed heroes Steel Sweetheart and Boy Scout, which you can buy.

Before discussing the Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legend Top Global, the first thing you should do is identify this hero’s range of skills and understand the pros and cons of the Jawhead hero.

Before we talk about Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legend Top Global, let’s talk about Jawhead’s capabilities and the pros and cons of Jawhead:


  • Has a very strong passive ability.
  • Very high mobility.
  • Multifunctional crowd control.
  • Natural tank


  • It really depends on the team.
  • Difficult to use for newbies.

Hero’s Jawbones Abilities:

  • Mecha suppression
    Each jaw head inflicts damage to the enemy, the jaw head emits a layer of compression for 3 seconds (maximum 10 stacks). Each of these stacking compressions can increase base jaw head attack damage by up to 8%.
  • Smart missile
    Jawhead goes into rocket launch mode for 5 seconds.All of these rockets are randomly fired up to 12 times, each rocket attack causing physical damage.
  • Ejector
    When Ejecto is activated, Jawhead switches to enemy throwing mode, gains a shield and additional movement speed. You can press this skill button again to throw your closest target to the location you specified.
  • Unstoppable force
    If one of the enemy targets is caught within range of the jaw and the jaw runs into the enemy, a stun effect and physical damage is inflicted. If the target is hit by an unstoppable force, it will bounce back.

After learning all about Jaw Head, don’t forget to also know about the battle spells this Jaw Head hero uses.

There are 2 battle spells used by Jawhead that are recommended for this Jawhead hero, namely:

  • Sprint is there to chase the enemy.
  • Petrify to stop the enemy or stun the enemy for 0.7 seconds

The suggestion, however, is to use Petrify to stop the jaw head as there is already an unstoppable force to lock in and chase the enemy. Therefore, the use of Petrify is more recommended.

Back to the article that covered Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legend Top Global.

Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legend Top Global use :

  • Boot wizard: +300 HP Uniqueness: +40 Movement Spd Uniquely passive: – Looting: 80 gold is rewarded for being passive.
  • Bloodlust ax: +70 Physical Attack + 10% Cooldown Reduction Unique 20% Spell Vampire.
  • Dominance ice cream: +500 mana +70 armor + 5% critical hits.
  • Blade of the 7 Seas: +75 Physical Attack +300 HP.
  • Malicious Roar: +60 physical attacks.
  • Immortality: + 800HP + 40magic res

Jawhead GamePlay:

Jaws can be in top or bottom lane during early game. Due to his short skill range, he will often fight enemies on the front lines. Take this opportunity to throw enemies in your back line so that they are close to the tower.

The Eject Skill has priority for the opposing hero so you don’t have to worry about throwing the wrong one doing this trick. But make sure there are no friend heroes around you lest you throw your friends back.

While in the lane, don’t forget to breed the jungle monsters to speed up Jawhead’s growth. The combination of your two skills makes jungle monsters a simple affair, eliminating the need for jungle gear or combat spell retaliation.

Jawhead’s main skill is to isolate the enemy and deal as much damage as possible within 5 seconds. To achieve this isolation, you need to combine Ejector, Unstoppable Force, and Smart Missile.

Unstoppable force can be moved in sequence. This skill can be used to initiate or pursue a fleeing enemy. Unstoppable Force can be tweaked when used against enemies who are rallying or holding on, making it very profitable to befriend tanks or support that can deactivate areas.

When you get to the middle of the game, you have to run with other team members more and more often. Your isolation ability remains the mainstay to split the opposing team. Always aim for deadly heroes for the team like shooters or mages and try not to take too much damage.

In the late game, your function is still the same, but the enemy will most likely kill you quickly with no revenge for you. Leave the initiation business to other heroes who can scale better than you. They should be the force that shows up in second or third order to deal extra damage, isolate, or chase enemy heroes who are running away.

If your team is depressed to begin with, the only thing you can do is free up space for shooters or fighters who need farm space. As long as there is no human error involved, you can be sure that the space you have provided will be more than enough to restore the situation or restore equilibrium.

Whatever you do, you shouldn’t be dying too much making room for farming. Because everything becomes useless once you are the biggest gold donor on the opposing team.

A few tips from Mas Apet about Build Gear Jawhead Mobile Legends Top Global hope that helps and thank you.

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