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Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global

Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global

Hilda is a female Fighter Tank-type heroine who is in Mobile Legend and has exceptional regeneration skills, her movements are very quick, even her ax slashes are very lethal.

Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
Hilda Mobile Legend

Hero Hilda can be bought with Battle Points at a price of 24000, I think Hilda’s hero is very deadly and agile, Hilda can regenerate when hiding in bushes or grass in Mobile Legends. Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global You can say that Build equipment top players because it has excelled Top local and top players Therefore this article Build Gear item hilda Mobile Legend Top Global

Story of hero Hilda Mobile Legend

It is said that in part of the Mobile Legends world there is an exiled megalithic area that is rarely touched by humans. Many think that the megalithic area is not inhabited by people, just huge rocks and bushes.

Although many thought the barren area was inhabited by humans, it turned out that a clan of humans lived there. One of them is Hilda. He and his friends survived the barren area by becoming hunters. Their goal, of course, was to hunt animals with thick meat.

Since Hilda was born with very strong physical abilities, she was selected to be the leader of the clan. He was also chosen to be the leader of the hunting party because he was the most powerful in his clan. With his strong muscles and armed with a huge ax, he can hunt with ease. But one day a mysterious force emerges that brutalizes all animals they hunt. They are also difficult to hunt.

One day wild animals blindly attacked Hilda’s clan. The fateful incident caused the hunters to die terribly. The great priest of the tribe also predicted that there would be tremendous destruction of darkness if this continued. Now all hopes of the clan are borne by Hilda alone.

Hilda decides to move to a safer place despite the dark magic that makes her prey brutal and powerful. Hilda and her clan eventually move to the Land of Dawn, where the Mobile Legends tournament takes place. Because of her great hunting experience and high physical strength, Hilda decided to become a mercenary.

Now he has traveled the world in search of new combat experiences. All of which made him a combat soldier that his teammates can rely on.

After I knew Hero Hilda’s story Now we know about the skills of heroine Hilda as follows:

  • Blessing of the Wild (passive)
    Hilda’s regeneration will increase when she is in Bush. In addition, when Hilda enters Bush, she receives a “shield” that protects her from enemy attacks. The number of shields obtained is 10% of the maximum HP he has. The effect only runs once every 10 seconds. But if Hilda’s HP is critical (below 25%), she will get higher regeneration in Bush. This effect runs once every 120 seconds.
  • Combat Ritual (First Active Skill)
    This first skill activates the power of her great sword and then increases Hilda’s run speed by 30% for 3 seconds. In addition to this, this skill also increases the physical damage inflicted on the next normal attack attack by 200 points (+ 100% Total Physical Attack) on the target and slows it down. Opponents behind the target receive 120 (+ 60% total physical attack) points of physical damage.
  • Hunting Skill (Second Active Skill)
    In this second ability, Hilda will lock the target in pursuit. This skill can be used up to 3 times. The second attack deals damage to surrounding enemies, the third attack drops the target and surrounding enemies. Each attack deals 120 physical damage (+ 90% total physical attack).
  • Force of Wildness (Ultimate Ability)
    Hilda will jump at the target and slash it with force. The attack deals 700 physical damage (+ 200% additional physical attack) and stuns the target.

    Nearby enemies also take 60% physical damage. Every kill and support from Hilda increases this ultimate by 40 points of physical damage. This skill can be stacked up to 10 times, then increases by 80 points and ignores 40% of the target’s physical defense.

After getting to know the story and skills of heroine Hilda, now back to the subject Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global as follows :

  • Demon advent
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
  • Knitted boots
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
  • Damn helmet
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
  • oracle
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
  • immortality
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global
  • Twilight armor
    Build equipment Hilda Mobile Legend Top Global

The emblems used by Hilda’s heroes are:

Spells used by heroine Hilda:

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