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4+ ways to translate English PDF files – How to Translate PDF Files on Android and Computer Easily. For all languages ​​including English to Indonesian.

Restrictions on speaking English are still a common problem for many people, including Indonesians. In fact, by studying the arrangement of words and their meanings, we can understand a little bit of the latest information from around the world.

It’s not just the world’s major media outlets that have started using English as their primary language. However, several major films have also adapted this international language to appeal to a large audience.

It is not uncommon for me to come across multiple pdf files or important documents that use English. Of course, this is a complicated problem for some people who do not understand the meaning or instruction contained in it.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore!

For now IDKurir provides instructions on how to translate PDF files on your Android and computer with the easiest tutorial.

What does the complete tutorial look like? Let’s check out some tips below!

How to Translate PDF Files from English to Indonesian on Android and Computer

In this post, IDKurir offers the 4 easiest ways to translate your PDF files. Of course, these recommendations are guaranteed to work and are ranked based on satisfaction with the author’s personal experience.

So what are these 4 tips? This is the review!

1. Using DocTranslator Site Services

The first method I recommend this time is actually very simple. Even easier than the other options I’ll give later. With just one internet quota, you can translate different PDF files with no limit per sheet.

The DocTranslator site is the most important choice that you have to try. Because this method can be performed on all devices including Android phones and computers.

First, you need to make sure that your device is connected to the internet. If you are having trouble connecting, please see the article on how to overcome this limited WiFi. If so, please follow the tutorial below.

  • Prepare a PDF file that you want to translate.
  • Please go to the DocTranslator website.
  • Tap the menu Translate now.

Translate now

  • Then please tap on File upload to select the file you want to translate.
  • Find the file.

Select PDF file

  • After uploading, the device will automatically recognize the language of the PDF file. All you have to do is change the target language.

Translate PDF files

  • click Translate and the language of your PDF file has changed.

Amazingly, you can download the pdf file that changed the language or you can read it online as well.

2. Translate using the Google Translate service

Who doesn’t know Google Translate here? I think readers already know that. Translating a PDF file in Google Translate is actually quite simple. Let’s see how!

  • First, prepare the file to be translated.
  • Please go to the page Google translator following.
  • Change menu with a click Document and your pdf files with one click Search computer.

Google translator documents

  • Find the pdf file that you want to translate.
  • Select and click Translate.



If you use this Google translation service, you will not be able to download the compressed file. But you can copy it.

3. Using Ms. Services. word

The next option to translate a PDF file is to use the service of Dr. Word on your computer or laptop.

This method worked well in my Ms Word 2021. We can only translate many PDF files with the Indonesian language plugin. But there are two disadvantages. Namely the translation time, which tends to be longer and cannot be accessed via an Android smartphone.

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But are you not a user of Ms Word 2021? Don’t worry, it turns out that this method can also be performed on MS Word 2003 and above, you know!

4. Using Google Drive services

From my experience with Google Drive, this method has proven effective, but it seems quite difficult. Because it is difficult to access on a smartphone and feels heavy despite being accessed on a laptop. How do you do it then

First, you need to sign in to Google Drive with your Gmail account. In the next step please upload the pdf file, which will be translated shortly.

Second, after making sure your file has been uploaded. Please click on the PDF file and click on the 3 small circles in the right corner of your laptop. Select next Google docs and your file will open instantly.

Third, after opening it in Google Docs, please select Tools (tools) then Translate documents. And don’t forget to select the language in the last step. Wait a moment and your PDF file will be translated successfully.

The last word

Which of these different options? here which one do you choose? If you still don’t know how to translate a PDF file, please leave a comment in the column below.

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