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How to use HTTP Injector Indosat Unlimited 2021 – How to Use http Injector Application for Latest Indosat Provider 2021. Fast & Unlimited Guaranteed!

Welcome, free internet lovers! Are you ready for free internet access for all operators? Wait yeah

Since I have already claimed that this article is more complete than other websites, don’t be surprised if this article is far more numerous than the articles you have ever read. What is it? the hell what am I going to discuss in this tutorial?

  • Prepare the materials you need
  • Use the HTTP Injector “manually” from setup to connection
  • Or use the HTTP Injector using the configuration from the Internet

I will discuss everything until it is completely finished!

… I almost forgot something else:

Since this is a tutorial article, let me not go into what an HTTP injector is and what the function of this application is. Yes, because I am sure readers should already know that this application is useful for getting free internet access.

Again, I want to remind you that this article is divided into 2 types, namely:

  • How to use HTTP Injector manually and
  • How to use the HTTP Injector using configurations scattered across the internet

When you get it, let’s get started.

A. Manually setting the HTTP injector

My slogan: Everything manual is more difficult

The steps are as follows:

  • Download the HTTP Injector app
  • Find each provider’s host url
  • Create a new SSH account
  • Prepare a blank SIM card (no credit)
  • Plot!

Then we discuss individually.

1. Download the HTTP Injector application from the Play Store

Rest assured, there is no need for me to explain this phase again. Even elementary school children already understand how to download applications from the Play Store. Okay, let’s skip it.

2. Looking for a qualified host url

This is the most important step that you need to take. In fact, it sometimes takes time and patience but if you are lucky you can just try it once and get the error.

How to find it:

  • Please visit the official website of your operator, for example the operator of Indosat Ooredoo with the website
  • add the domain “” after the site url to be
  • After that, different subdomains will appear from your operator side. Here I choose and save it for the next step.

IMPORTANT: Not all subdomains can be useful and last forever. Therefore, you can use the HTTP injector application to check whether the subdomain you have found is active or not. To open the HI application, select the menu Tools (Tools), then enter the subdomain on Host checker.

Don’t forget to carefully save the host or subdomain URL found.

3. Create an SSH account

Don’t worry, creating an SSH account is still pretty easy. To instantly create an SSH account for HTTP injector configuration:

  • Select the website where you want to create an SSH account, for example Fastssh
  • Pick a location, I recommend Singapore as the access from Indonesia is faster
  • Choose the rest of the servers (free at will)
  • Enter the name and password you want to create
  • Finally, copy all the ssh account details you have like host, Harbor, Username and password NS.

Keep it safe, don’t lose it!

4. Prepare a blank SIM card

To avoid reducing your quota or credit, it is a good idea to practice this method with an unused SIM card. Recall! Make sure your SIM card is still active.

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5. It is time to act! This is how you create your own HTTP injector configuration

After you have successfully prepared and saved all the data you need, it is now time to apply your findings to this application.

Here are the steps you should follow:

5a. SSH account configuration

  • Please tap the menu button in the form of three straight lines and select SSH settings
  • Prepare the SSH data that you created earlier
  • In the Host column, please enter the host account you received
  • In the Port field, enter the port you have (usually 443)
  • In the User field, enter the user name you created
  • In the Password field, also enter the data listed

After the configuration of the ssh account is completed, it is time to create an error script in the payload generator. Please refer to the instructions below for details.

5b. Create a payload generator

  • Please tap the button menu in the form of three straight lines and choose Payload generator
  • Select Normal from the Payload menu
  • Please enter the subdomain found in the URL / Host menu, for example
  • From the Request Method menu, choose an option ASSOCIATE
  • Please select an option from the Injection Method menu normal
  • From the Query Method menu, choose Query Home
  • From the Additional Header menu, choose Online Host
  • After the configuration is complete, please click on Create payload

For more details, please refer to the picture above!

5c. Set up remote proxy

The next step is to configure the remote proxy, which you can do by:

  • After successfully configuring SSH and Payload, please return to the main page of the HHTP Injector application
  • Then tap on Menu Remote proxy
  • In the proxy settings, please enter the proxy IP together with the host of each provider.
  • For example, Indosat Ooredoo has a proxy IP of with port 8080
  • click to save

5d. Finally – Enjoy Free Internet!

Your struggle for free internet access finally paid off by the time you made it this step. It’s pretty easy to make sure.

  • Back to the main page of the HTTP Injector app
  • Enable cellular data (make sure the balance and data are empty)
  • Click button begin
  • Click on the LOG menu and view the status of your connection. When status is displayed 200: Connected This means that you can only enjoy the Internet to a limited extent.

And that’s the guide for creating your own HTTP injector configuration. After you manage to get internet access, you can download a lot of videos through the article on how to download YouTube videos on Android that I wrote earlier.

If you feel like this tutorial is very complicated, you can move on to the next tutorial, which is guaranteed to be easier to understand.

Let’s check out this second tutorial!

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B. How to use HTTP Injector Config from download results

Every day there are many errors that you can get on the internet. Without bothering to do it yourself, you can enjoy it more hands-on. Then what steps should you take? Check out the tutorial below!

  • Join some of the free loving communities that exist in cyberspace. You can find it on Facebook using the search function. The keywords you can use are HTTP Injector – config – free and others
  • Download the bug or configuration according to the operator you are using
  • After opening the application, please open the HI application
  • Click the Import button in the upper right corner and find the configuration file you downloaded
  • After the configuration has been successfully imported, click Start to connect
  • Check the configuration status through the menu PROTOCOL. When the status shows a number 200: Connected means the bug is working. If not, please look for the dozen of bugs still scattered around this group.

I urge users to use this trick more wisely. Use it to play games like Mobile legends, google or just open a youtube video. Never use it to access internet banking or Paypal accounts that are storing sensitive information.

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DISCLAIMER : We are not responsible for any risks you may encounter while using this application. Use it as best you can and be a smarter internet user.

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